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Today I have another site review for you and this time it’s a site beyond the wall - Airsoft Edinburgh in Gorebridge ran by Land Warrior. I visited Airsoft Edinburgh on the weekend of the 17th-19th May for an open trade weekend LWA were throwing to showcase the new additions to the store! Overall, it took me 8.5 hours to get to Dalkeith from Derbyshire - more on that in my LWA blog post coming next week!

Airsoft Edinburgh is located in Gorebridge which is around a 20-minute drive from the store itself, we visited the store in the morning then jumped in the Land Rover full of goodies for the site and set about the journey. It is a drive that’s mostly quiet roads which are easy to navigate but the track to the site is a dirt track with gravel and a fairly large/sharp ridge - which is not a problem for 4X4s and cars that aren’t lowered, my little Peugeot would make it but a car that’s been lowered would definitely not make it.

Airsoft Edinburgh is a 70-acre dual-purpose site that has been well developed over the last few years. It has a great number of structures in the woodland itself and vehicles such as APCs, Land Rovers and Helicopters for players to battle over, on and around. The woodland is quite challenging but what I really like about it is that even when it rains the dense tree cover provides a cover for players. The site itself is super picturesque.

The facilities onsite are really good - the safe zone is pretty spacious and the tables/benches are covered which is a godsend on those dreary rainy days. It has a large shipping container that has the signing in desk, rental equipment, shop (selling pyro, drinks, snack and gameday essentials such as BBs and gas), it is worth mentioning that anything purchased on LWA’s website can be picked up from the skirmish site if you’re attending. The site has a single portaloo - this is one of the things I think could be improved on, another portaloo onsite as the site does attract a fair few players, but the one they have was well stocked with loo roll, soap and water for hand washing. Unfortunately, they don’t serve lunch onsite so it is advisable to grab lunch before you arrive or bring a packed lunch. The staff are amazing - they are part of the reason why I love LWA as a company - they are attentive, thorough, up for a laugh and most importantly great at what they do!

We played a variety of games throughout the day (unfortunately I missed the first game as I was faffing about with my kit *facepalm*) but my favourite over the course of the day was the attack and defend game that involved the green team (my team) attacking different areas of the woodland and depositing the ‘bomb’ in different locations such as the Snatch Land Rovers. The games played at Airsoft Edinburgh include team deathmatches, objective based games and attack and defend games.

For this game, my team attacked first and we started on the far side of the woodland near a fort (not sure what the site has named this structure but let’s go with it!) with the defending team set up on the Snatch Land Rovers ready to give us some fierce opposition. As game on was called, Bod (one of the player marshalls) led a charge forward towards the lands where a few players were running and gunning, getting the bomb carrier closer and closer to the target vehicle. I chose to hang back a little and test the range on my LEOTEK MKII Krytac CRB-M using the Vortex Optics SPITFIRE X3 and had fun popping targets from a distance which is a far cry away from my usual poison of choice - CQB. Before we knew it, our bomb carrier slammed against the target Land Rover and the game was paused to give the defending team time to set up defensive lines around the next objective - the village. The attacking team fuelled by the victory of taking the landies quickly spread through the woodland and infiltrated the village and eventually took the final objective. This game progressed and flowed really nicely. The opposition from the defending team was fierce and the sportsmanship was second to none. We turned this game around later in the day.

Overall, I had a really good day at Airsoft Edinburgh - the games played were fun, engaging and they were run impeccably by Scott and his team of Marshalls - some of whom dropped into the game during the day. The site is acquiring more bits and bobs all the time such as their new helicopter, so it is constantly changing and has developed a lot since my last visit in 2015. The facilities are really good and the staff are helpful and run their events with enthusiasm and confidence. The cost of the day is £25 (£20 for members) for walk ons and rentals start at £40 inc. rifle hire and game fee. Thank you to Airsoft Edinburgh for hosting me and to the other players on the day who were a pleasure to shoot at and with!

Hopefully, I’ll see you all again soon!

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