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Welcome back to the blog! In this post, we’re going to be taking a look at the new location of Evike Outpost Houston in the USA! 

Evike Outpost Houston is now located in Cypress, Texas, after outgrowing its Spring location. The store now exists in what was once a Walmart and as such, it has a large car park. As you walk up to the doors of the outpost you’ll notice right now it doesn’t have a lot of signage but this will be added shortly. As you go through the sliding doors, the aircon hits you like a train making it a welcome retreat from the Texan heat. Inside the foyer, there are two doors - one that leads to the new Evike Outpost storefront and the other leads to High Ground Airsoft (you can read my review of the site here!). 

The new location is a whopping 42,000 sq feet with 8,000 sq feet of retail space - and this space is used well! The storefront is clean, well presented and organised, so it is easy to navigate if you know exactly what you want. I've used the images from the Evike website for this post as mine were taken during the Grand Opening event in July so it was hella busy and a little messy from customers bustling about but it is usually spotless so I didn't feel it was an accurate representation of the store on a regular day. It has literally everything you could need and even things you didn’t think you’d need. The walls are lined from top to bottom with airsoft replicas, and they’re two/three rifles deep - bar's headquarters in Alhambra, California, I’ve never seen so many airsoft guns in one store. As well as airsoft replicas, you can find racks of gear, BDUs and outdoor clothing, eye pro, face pro, helmets, ear protection, patches, upgrade parts and even grenade-shaped USB sticks. It’s crazy the number of products that Evike has in their store and it’s impossible to name all of the brands they carry. It would probably be easier to name the brands that they don’t! There is also a shooting range in the store that has some insane targets!

The staff are all experts in their fields, knowledgeable and always happy to help with anything from kit advice to how to improve the performance of your gun. They are friendly, approachable and there is always a relaxed atmosphere in the store which makes for a positive shopping experience. There is an in-store teching service which is super affordable so there’s always help on hand for any technical issues you may have (or for a cheeky upgrade). 

I have been to a fair few Airsoft shops in the time I’ve been airsofting, some very good and some not so good. Evike Outpost Houston’s location makes the store a reachable location for a large proportion of Airsofters in the Southern States, and any potential customers that are out of reach can get most of the items they stock in store through the website. The range of products that they stock is fantastic and they only stock brands that you can trust so you know you can be confident in your purchase. Their after-sales care and support are second to none so never be afraid to pop in with any queries or dilemmas you have – you will always be greeted by a smiling face behind the counter. The staff are my favourite element of the store, as they are a great bunch of people who always make you feel welcome. They are always happy to help and are knowledgeable, offering sound advice to their customers on a range of subjects. It is clear from watching them interact with their customers in-store that they are passionate about Airsoft. All these elements make the store a great place to shop, I would recommend this store to both new and seasoned Airsofter.

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