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Welcome back to the blog! Following on from the Stocking Fillers for Airsofters post I published last week, this week I'm looking at Christmas gifts for the airsofters in your life! Whether you have no idea about airsoft but your lady, fella, relative or teammate is into it and you need some guidance or if you're an airsofter yourself and you just need some ideas for a gift they'd love, there's something on this list for every budget!

The Large Rifle Case from Nuprol is a hard rifle case that features 4 latches to keep the case shut, a carry handle, wheels on one end and a handle on the other for easy transportation and 
2 padlock holes on front edge for when you need to securely lock the case for international travel. This version has pick and pluck foam which means you can customise the case to your load out for added security. This link is for the black case but it's available in 3 other colours (some are cheaper too!) You can  read my review from when these were released here!

Is the airsofter in your life a budding airsoft YouTuber? The GoPro Hero 9 is the newest Hero in the GoPro range and boasts a bunch of features including enhanced stabilisation to capture your gameplay!

If the airsofter in your life plays a lot of CQB, a good tracer unit is essential (and tracer BBs look cool AF). The ACETECH Lighter BT tracer is compatible with both red and green tracer BBs, is rechargeable (with a fully charged battery lasting for over 22,000 rounds) and even has an app available on the App Store/Android store. Bundle this with the Nuprol RZR Tracer BBs 0.2g for a great gift!

Airsofters always need ammo, so the Specna Arms EDGE Precision BBs made by BLS are a great choice for any airsofter. Available in different weights (I use 0.25g for indoor CQB and 0.28g for outdoors/urban) and they come in bags of 1kg. The only thing I don't like about the Specna BBs is that they come in a bag rather than a bottle so make sure to seal the bag when you've loaded up!

One of my favourite AEGs that I've used during 2020 is the KWA RONIN TK45C from Extreme Airsoft. It is currently on sale for £279.99 down from £349.99 so now is definitely time to grab a bargain. Check out my full review on the TK45C here

The PTS EPMs have been go-to magazines since 2018. They hold 150 rounds, have an orange follower so you can tell when the mag is empty and are made of a tough, durable polymer - check out my full review here!

This is a product I've been using since its release in 2015 but dang does it keep giving! The Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader for M4 magazines allows players to load midcap magazines in a matter of seconds - no more tired hands from regular speedloaders! It holds up to 1600 rounds of ammo and can fit in a double M4 mag pouch so can be easily carried on the field. It's easily the best speed loader on the market but is currently out of stock at most retailers in black/dark earth but if you aren't too picky regarding colour, they are in stock in blue.

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