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Welcome back to the blog and the first of our 2020 round-ups! 2020 was a bit of a shit show to say the least but today I'm looking back on the airsoft replicas I've enjoyed using the most over the last year. Disclaimer: these are just my personal favourites (yours probably will be different) that I have used in 2020 - meaning they more than likely aren't groundbreaking or the newest releases, simply the ones I've enjoyed using the most. Let me know your faves in the comments!

In the number 5 spot this year, the Umarex/VFC Glock 42. This licensed Glock 42 GBB is the perfect back-up pistol. It has a lower made from polymer that has the signature GLOCK trade. The slide is made from metal and has all the trades from the GLOCK logo to the calibre. Without the mag inserted the pistol weighs just a tiny 387g so it is dinky when the mag is inserted however, the pistol has a really good weight to it, the mag is super small though as expected so it does only hold 13 rounds. It’s worth recognising that this pistol wasn’t designed for long engagements but as a ‘last resort’ defence which is why it hasn't scored  higher on the list but it was a cool little pistol to conceal carry during a 24 hour MilSim event this year!

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Although I didn't get round to doing a review on the SA-E20 Edge by Specna Arms, this gun was a really fun AEG to use this year! Upon its release it was the latest in the Specna Arms EDGE range of rifles. Some of it's most notable features are the X-ASR MOSFET by GATE, the ESA™ Quick Spring Change System that doesn't need tools and the ORION gearbox - which are great internals for the models low price point! It has an MLOK rail system which I think looks great and the combination of polymer and metal means it feels sturdy and has a good weight to it!

A firm favourite from 2019, the GBLS DAS GDR-15 CQB AEG again makes the list, but taking the number 3 spot this year. The DAS is one of the most controversial airsoft replicas to hit the market because of its £1600 price tag. Why does it have this price tag though? It comes with a hefty price tag because of its most notable feature - the functioning Bolt Carrier Group which allows 100% realistic action from loading and charging to stoppage and reloading drills, making it a perfect training weapon. The cycling of the functioning Bolt Carrier Group generates the recoil and it genuinely is nothing like I’ve ever experienced with an AEG before which is why I keep coming back to this replica. The Bolt locks back when the magazine runs out of BBs and will fire upon hitting bolt release when a fresh mag is inserted. Inside the D.A.S is a WA style hop-up chamber, a steel-toothed bolt and at the very centre of the system is a proprietary gearbox. 

It also comes with a PTS EPS as standard.

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In the number 2 spot this year, is the Alpine KRISS Vector from Krytac. The Krytac KRISS Vector has been a firm favourite of mine for years, and when the Alpine Vector was released I just HAD to get my hands on this SMG when they were restocked in the UK. It has pure white polymer upper with all the KRISS trades, a KRISS Vector Gen II pivoting trigger, an 8mm VECTOR gearbox, and an integrated KRYTAC FET system as well as an electronic trigger. It also features a deans or T-plug rather than a mini tamiya connection. I am absolutely in love with how the Alpine looks - the 6-point M4 style stock and the new MK5 Modular Rail are huge improvements on the original Vector. The extended battery cap that is included with the Alpine also adds an extra little something-something and I’m here for it! 

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Taking the number 1 spot this year is the KWA RONIN TK45C! The TK45C has a full metal modular upper receiver, an integrated 6” keymod handguard, a PDW style stock and included in the box is a set of PTS Enhanced Flip-up Front and Rear Polymer Sights, all of which gives this AEG a futuristic look. It has the KWA VPS system which allows you to change the FPS easily and whilst it doesn't have a MOSFET as standard, it does have a cool cut-off feature that means the gun won't fire if the mag is empty, that makes it more realistic to play with and prevents dry fire damage. Although the TK45C is a relatively heavy AEG it is SO fun to use in CQB!

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