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Welcome back to the blog! I hope you are safe and well. Today I have another first impressions/product overview for you! As we’re still in lockdown in England we’re unable to play but I’m excited for when we can finally get back out there so I’m going to be testing out a bunch of airsoft guns in the meantime. Today I’m looking at the KWA QRF MOD 3 from Extreme Airsoft

First, let’s chat about the externals - what sets this AEG apart from the other QRF models is the vertical magazine design. The QRF MOD 3 has a 6” Tactical M-LOK handguard, a PDW Stock, the PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip as standard and PTS Enhanced Back-Up Ironsights are included in the box. It looks like a pistol calibre carbine which has been super popular amongst airsofters. The compensator/flash hider is also a nice touch Aesthetically I think the MOD 3 looks great. 

In regards to internals, the MOD 3 features a high-torque motor, a switch life extender, an upgraded high-speed gear set and a 2.5 gearbox. Like the other KWA models that have the 2.5 gearboxes, the QRF MOD 3 has the Variable Performance System (VPS) that enables the player to adjust the FPS from 320 up to 360 FPS with the use of a tool (which is included in the box). Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a MOSFET straight out of the box which is a little disappointing but they can be installed. 

The MOD 3 can be powered by either a NiMh or LiPo/LiFe battery and it’s wired to Deans (also known as a T Plug) for a more reliable connection. Like most PDW style stocks the battery space is limited straight out of the box, but the Airtech TBEU Tanker Battery Extension is compatible with the MOD 3 and is available from Extreme as well which will give you more room and make it easier to battery up. Even with the battery extension, the Titan Power batteries aren’t really suitable but other brands such as Nuprol make batteries that do fit. Although the lack of battery space isn’t a huge issue, it is something to be aware of if you’re considering purchasing a MOD 3. 

Taking this on the range to get a feel for it - it has a decent rate of fire (measured at 20 on the chrono) and it functions well on both semi and full-auto. It’s easy to shoulder (the grip on the butt pad is a nice touch and aids stability) and the fluted mag well assists with fluid reloads. It weighs just under 3kgs - which is a good weight and it definitely gives you the feel of it being durable. I’m really interested in testing this during a game to get a feel for how it plays. 

How much is the KWA QRF MOD 3 From Extreme Airsoft it is £314.99, you can save 5% using my code ‘femmefatale’ (not an affiliate) 

Check out the KWA QRF MOD 3 here

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