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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another review for my ladysofters out there - a review on the Helikon-Tex UTP (Urban Tactical Pants). My friends over at Helikon sent these over for a 24-hour event in September, unfortunately, they didn’t arrive in time for the event, but I did manage to wear these to a game JUST before the second lockdown in England. 

The Women’s Urban Tactical Pants are a pair of anatomically shaped women’s trousers that maintain the look of a civilian pant but retain the full functionality of a combat pant. They have a classic jeans ‘neck’ shape that prevents them riding down and employ the classical cut for blue jeans. They are laden with pockets so that equipment can be stored close to the users centre mass (hips and waist). The front and rear pocket edges are all reinforced to make sure you can carry knives, multitools and torches without compromising the fabric. There are two velcro-closed front pockets are large enough to carry a smartphone (I fit my iPhone 11 Pro Max in easily). These pockets can also fit in an AK/AR magazine with ease. The zippered thigh pockets look flat but these deceiving pouches are extendable by design allowing pouches or wallets to be carried with ease. 

For airsoft I usually prefer integrated knee pads - just so I can kneel on the ground without the fear of kneeling on a BB *shudders*. The Women’s UTP don’t have integrated kneepads but they can take the low profile insert knee pads which are purchased separately. I haven’t tried the low profile inserts yet but it is on my list of things to do. The fabric on the denim pair of trousers is very thick so kneeling on the ground isn’t the end of the world, but being careful not to kneel on BBs or rocks goes without saying. 

They are sized in waist sizes from a 28-32” - as these are a women’s fit it is really important to check the size chart before ordering. I am a UK size 10 in trousers and I chose a 31/32 as I have 29” waist and I wanted a bit more freedom around my midsection. Upon trying them on, they fit well around the thigh area (fitted but not too tight), well around the buttocks and the midriff area isn’t too tight when I bend down or do a squat but it is secure enough to not ride down. The slightly elasticated waist is a nice touch (as it gives you that extra give). The length of the pant I chose - 32” is a great length for me personally as I’m only 5”3 if you’re a tall lassie, the 34” would be a lot better suited to you. The pant leg sits nicely on my combat boots and doesn’t look bunched up. 

In terms of quality, the material is fantastic - it’s thick and feels durable. My only complaint in regards to the material is that it can be quite stiff after they’ve been dried so they aren’t super easy to fold. As they’re heavy denim they do take quite a while to dry as well. The stitching is neat and tidy. The fly has a YKK zip so it isn’t a flimsy one. 

In regards to their performance, they’re comfortable to wear in the field and don’t restrict movement. The pockets enable a lot of small items to be carried on your person - the ability to carry extra mags/empty mags in the pockets is also super handy. They aren’t waterproof so when you kneel in a wet spot or play in rain they do take a while to dry as I said - so I wouldn’t wear these for a wet game day. 

The Denim UTP from Helikon retail for €75.90 - which is around £67 (do check the current exchange rate before ordering). As well as denim, they also come in black, khaki (which is more of a beige), Olive Drab and Shadow Grey - these colourways are slightly cheaper at €69.90. They’re not too expensive but not the cheapest either - right in the middle. I think the price is justified as they’re a specific women’s cut and are made from high-quality fabric. 

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