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Over the last few months you have seen me swap my usual brand of AEG magazines for the PTS EPMs and after running them for a fair few game days, here are my thoughts on them:

The PTS EPMs (Enhanced Polymer Magazine) are mid-capacity 150 round magazines for AEG airsoft guns that are constructed of a tough polymer designed to be made for performance and reliability. As well as being great to look at, they are super functional. They have an external Dupont Zytel Polymer shell for durability and longevity. They feature recessed panels on both sides that give the shooter a better grip on the mag, and the unique magazine well guides help reduce them getting caught when being drawn or inserted into pouches.

One of my favourite features of the EPMs is the bullet window that has fake 556 rounds! Although it looks great, it still has a purpose. When the magazine is fully loaded, the orange follower at the base of the window can be seen – this means as soon as you pick up the EPM you’ll know if the mag is filled and good to go and it also acts a visual indicator for the user to know when to stop loading. There is a cool mod you can do to the mag which involves taking out the fake shells leaving the BBs visible, so you know how many BBs you have left in the mag before needing to change mag or reload – this would be super handy during a battlesim or milsim when there are ammo and rate of fire limits in play.

The base plate is also another pretty cool feature. The bottom of the base plate has an angled surface and a rubber over-mould on the lower face - this combined allows the shooter to rest the gun on any flat shooting platform and have more surface contact for better traction and greater stability. Although it has an angled surface it is still functional and comfortable in the hand when drawn from pouches and does not inhibit the closure on closed top magazine pouches. The baseplate also has a ribbed ledge which can aid the user in removing mags from pouches.

So how do they perform? I always thought that PTS mags may have been a little over-hyped, after all, nothing can be THAT good right? Well turns out, I was wrong. Even after been dropped from height, thrown across sites, used and abused they are still going strong despite a few scuffs and scratches. I have used them in my G&Gs, Specna Arms, Ares Amoeba, Krytac and Valken AEGs and they’ve performed flawlessly.

What do they retail for? They are available here from PTS Syndicate website for $19.99 in both dark earth and black but can take up to 10 days with international shipping. If you’re in the UK, PTS dealers such as Land Warrior have them available for £22.99 and Patrol Base for £19.99.

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