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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another loadout post for you - I'll be giving you guys and gals the ins and outs of my ranger green loadout that I've been absolutely LOVING lately!

First up let's go through what I'm wearing to protect my head and face - to keep my ears safe from BBs shots and of course loud pyro I'm wearing the Z-Tactical Comtac IIs (these also help amplify quiet noises), on my head I'm wearing the 5.11 2017 Range Cap from IWA 2017, my trusty Wiley X Saber Shooting Glasses to protect my eyes (here I'm wearing the tinted lenses as it was super sunny on site!) and to keep my teeth safe I'm running the One Tigris Women's 4.5 inch Face Mask!

Next, let's chat about the base of this loadout - my BDU's! For this loadout, I am wearing the Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt and Crye Precision G2 Combat Pant. The Gen 2 are no longer in production in Ranger Green and have been replaced with the G3 Combat Shirt and G3 Combat Pants - the only difference between the two is that the G3 are all one block colour and the Crye Precision tag is a different design and in a different location. I have them both in the smallest size available at the time of purchase and the fit of the combat shirt is excellent, it is fitted without being too tight. The combat fit is a little big around the waist (the smallest size in stock was 32 in the trousers and my waist is a 29) but the rest of the pant fits well.

The plate carrier I run with this loadout is the LBX Tactical 0300S in MAS grey with the Triple HSGI Taco Modular Panel in ranger green. It's a small modular plate carrier which is perfect for women and players with a smaller build. Check out my full review here.

For this loadout, I am also rocking my lightweight and low drag olive drab shooters belt set-up (which can't be seen in the pictures). You can check out what's in my set-up here.

To protect my hands from BB hits, scuffs and scraps whilst in the game zone I run the PIG FDT Delta Utility Glove from Tactical Kit! What I love about these gloves is that they are the only pair that I've found that truly fit my tiny hands. You can check out my full review of them here.

Keep your eyes peeled for my next loadout post! My Ghost Recon Wildlands Character inspired red flannel/ranger green loadout coming next week!

Photography thanks to Liam Sibley.

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