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So I’ve partnered up with the awesome team at Gunfire.pl over the next few months to bring you some reviews on the new Specna Arms line of replicas and today we’re starting with the SA-G11 Keymod EBB Carbine!

The SA-G11 is a new keymod variant from the G36 family by Specna Arms. Like most of the SA replicas, the main body is built from a high-quality polymer for affordability and durability. This model also features a full metal keymod rail system and an electric blowback system. The SA-G11 has all the standard features you would expect to find on a G36 rifle such as iron sights and the folding stock etc. What makes this different is the Electric Blow Back, micro switch trigger, steel gears, piston with a metal rack and the quick change spring system - although Gunfire.pl do offer a downgrade service on their website, if you fancy doing it yourself it’s really easy - just fold the stock, take out the pin, unscrew a screw and then the main spring guide can be taken out with a twist of a screwdriver.

The full metal keymod rail system features full Keymod attachment points on both sides of the rail and standard Picatinny rails on the top and bottom. As it has a folding stock the battery is housed on the front rail system - my only issues with this are: that the pin to open the compartment can be a little difficult and there isn’t huge amounts of space for the battery until you get the knack for using the RIF at least. Speaking of batteries, the gearbox is LiPo battery ready – which makes finding a battery to fit even easier!

Now, I’ve never owned a G36 rifle – mostly because in my opinion they’re usually pretty ugly so as you can imagine I was a little apprehensive about this review but, the keymod rail system on this Specna Arms model really gives it a modern feel which I love. Thanks to the solid construction the whole rifle feels really sturdy which is great. I was also actually really pleasantly surprised with the electronic blowback system! It has a kick that I didn’t quite expect and admittedly when I slapped it onto full auto I was grinning from ear to ear – it is a really fun gun to use! Although I’m not a huge fan of G36 rifles, I would definitely run this in a future game. The rotary style hop-up is super easy to adjust and once all setup is does shoot in consistent groupings.

I’d recommend downgrading the spring, as the original paperwork in the box says the FPS at source was around 380 which is far too high for our sites in the UK but the downgrade took mine to a very respectable 349 FPS (JUST on the limit). It is worth noting that in the box you get all the corresponding paperwork, a high cap G36 magazine and some pretty cool stickers! (we know how much airsofters LOVE stickers!)

Overall, I think that Specna Arms has done a pretty stellar job of the SA-G11, and certainly made the G36 something I would actually want to use. It’s sturdy, consistent and is affordable.
The full Specna Arms range of AEGs can be found here on the Gunfire.pl website.

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Photography thanks to Liam Sibley

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