Back in 2016, Ferro Concepts released their tactical solution to the ‘bumbag’ (to us Brits or the ‘fanny pack’ to our American cousins) – The DANGLER pouch which took the airsoft community by storm, but at £42.50 a pop and with limited availability due to popularity they were hard to come by. To combat this, multiple companies including TMC and Warrior Assault Systems created their own versions of the much loved pouches and now Viper Tactical have also joined the running with their own affordable ‘SCROTE’ pouch!

It is a tactical fanny-pack pouch Velcro attachment for plate carriers and chest rigs that has webbing straps on each side and a Velcro ID panel on the front for all of your favourite patches! As well as looking good it’s also super utilitarian - inside the pouch it has elasticated internal loop holders and a Velcro front internal pouch to keep all your bits and bobs safe during gameplay. I use mine to store my .209 primers and impact grenade accessories during games so they are easy to reach in a hurry. It has a Viper firm draw zip puller to give the user more grip whilst unzipping/zipping the pouch closed especially when wearing gloves or when your hands are wet/cold. 

Unlike the Ferro DANGLER, the SCROTE has a panel of Velcro on the back of the pouch as well which helps keep the Velcro tab tidy when the pouch is in storage and it means the pouch is a little more versatile and is able to be used as a loop belt attachment rather than a drop pouch. Whilst it is being used as a drop pouch however it does offer some protection for your lower stomach if like me you wear JPCs and other small plate carriers.

Admittedly one of my favourite things about the SCROTE pouch is the name, it’s a tongue-in-cheek nod to the pouches protective properties.

It is available in a great range of colours including: VCam, black, green, coyote and titanium so there is a colour to suit most loadouts. It is stocked at most Viper retailers in the UK and the best part? It retails for around £11! This is fantastic news for those who want the look of Gucci kit on a budget or have multiple loadouts to fill with pouches.

Overall, I think Viper have done a great job with the SCROTE pouch: it is affordable – giving more players access to that Gucci kit look, has a great look, is a useful addition to any loadout because of its utilitarian qualities and of course the added protection it offers the end user. It is a great addition to their 2018 catalogue and is really in tune with what the players want – well done Viper!

Hardwick, K. (2018). VIPER 'SCROTE' POUCH. Airsoft Action. 90 (August), 69.

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