My first look and first impressions of the ASG CZ Shadow SP-01!

Hey everyone! This is a really exciting blog post and this is the ASG CZ Shadow SP-01 roadshow and this is the very first blog review on the pistol!

So let's look at the Shadow's background, it is the Airsoft version of the Real Steel CZ Shadow SP-01 that was designed by Angus Hobdell, a champion British shooter who moved to the U.S and the genius behind CZ Customs, and also by Adam Tyc, a double world shooting champion from the Czech Republic. Their aim was to create a pistol that focused on accuracy and speed, which the Shadow delivers. Now they have brought out the Airsoft version, how does it stack up?

The first thing I noticed immediately is the aesthetics - I love the details on the slide and the optics. It also has a great weight to it and the grip isn't uncomfortable in my small hands - something that I have encountered with pistols in the past!

The ASG CZ Shadow SP-01 comes standard with a black rubberized grip, but as you will see in my photos the post production Shadow I tested at JD Airsoft features the metallic grips. These are part of the Shadow accessories range that are sold separately. The grips come in 3 colour ways - the CZ Orange, red and blue. Not only do they look awesome and are a great way to personalise the pistol, the metallic grips allow more palm contact with the pistol itself, creating a more secure grip for the shooter. It also features a 'beaver tail' style grip which allows your palm to sit snug in the curve - creating a more positive feel for the pistol.

The Shadow also features an oversized safety switch so you can rest your thumb on it and also an oversized mag release as seen in the picture to the right. One of my favourite features of the Shadow is the short stroke competition trigger! It's a two stage short stroke trigger designed for speed so when you cock it back, the internal mechanism shortens the stroke so when the second shot is taken, you rack it back and it's there, ready to go! The chrome finish of the trigger is also a nice touch.

The slide is embossed with all the markings of it's real steel counterpart and as it has a front end slide, it can also be disassembled in the same way, it's definitely worth mentioning that it is a 1.1 scale replica of it's counterpart! The Shadow comes with back and front optics, the front being fibre. The back optics blades are at angles and let more light into the sight and then deflects it at the rear so you get a clearer view down sight. Although I was a little skeptical of the back sight at first as it's not a sight system I'm familiar with, I was pleasantly surprised! It has attachment capabilities, so attaching a pistol torch or laser is really easy!

Now you know all the awesome features of the pistol, let's talk about price, accessories, whether its Co2 or Green Gas. There is no recommended retail price (RRP), so it is entirely down to the individual retailers however it will be around the same price point as the CZ P-09 which ranges between £110-£150, which is a pretty competitive price in my opinion! Out of the box the Shadow comes with a Green Gas mag but Co2 mags are available to purchase separately. ASG are bringing out an accessories range which includes the metal coloured grips, a fluted magwell, rubberized footbeds, a compensator and a suppressor to give shooters loads of options to dress it up and really make it their own! Something us Airsofters love! In fact, a lot of you will have seen from my Instagram feed that I've become a bit obsessed with customization lately and this would be no exception!

My first impressions? and how does it shoot? Like I've said further up in the review, I think the Shadow is really pretty piece of kit! I'm all about details and the markings on the slide, the optics and the metallic grips really hit the spot - although it is a shame the metallic grips don't come in the box.

The pistol has a nice weight to it and feels secure in my hand although it may not be something I'd run for a MilSim due to the weight, it would definitely be a strong contender for Airsoft Surgeon and such like where accuracy and speed are king. I was really impressed with how the Shadow shoots, its super accurate and has a lovely kick to it. Honestly it was hard to find things I don't like about this pistol! That being said I'd love to see the metallic grips made in pink, or come in a few more colour ways and to be included in the box as standard.

If you wanna check out the ASG CZ Shadow SP-01 for yourself ahead of its release this year, here are dates/locations for this month: 9th ASPUK, 11th Halo Mill/Patrol Base, 14th First and Only Retail, 16th RedWolf/Double Tap, 17th Watford Practical Pistol Club, 20th Smokey's Airsoft and finally on the 24th Jan at StrikeForce CQB! If you want to get in touch with ASG UK, feel free to contact Paul Wignell at!

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