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Welcome back to the blog! So here is the last instalment of the America Diaries for now! This covers the last leg of my USA trip in February 2018. Rather than flying back to London from Los Angeles, Unicorn Leah and I decided to have a girls weekend on the East Coast to visit a couple of Slaydies we seldom get to see before I flew back to good ol' Blighty, breaking up my flight home with a well-deserved mini-break!

Somersworth, New Hampshire

 We flew into Boston, MA from Los Angeles, CA on the 6th of February ready for a girls weekend! On our first couple of nights, we enjoyed drinks and Cards against Humanity (the best way to learn about your friends) with our East Coast boo Sisumilsim until we collected Becca (callsign_harpy on IG). On the day we picked Becca up from the train station we were due to have a MASSIVE snow storm so we decided to have a snow day! Wine, 18th-century dresses and board games galore!

Salem, Massachusetts 

The next day after the snow had started to melt, we took a drive to Salem - the town where the infamous witch trials took place.

As we walked around Witch City taking in the culture and the history, the monuments, etchings and plaques serve as a stark reminder of the effect that fear of difference can have on our communities if we let it. It is a fascinating place and leads all 4 of us to start reading a book on the history of the trials.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Chilly coastal drive in Portsmouth!

Boston, Massachusetts

Rye, New Hampshire

On our last day on the East Coast, Sisu took us to Rye in New Hampshire for a little lesson in shooting muskets and canons! Her family are really into their 18th Century reenactment, and they have a working replica of an 18th Century English canon and a fair few muskets. We had a full history lesson from Grandpa Sandy and learned how to load and fire a canon and a musket! What really surprised me about the canon is just how quick it deploys its munitions after the wick is lit, it's almost instantaneous! Epic!

Thank you to Sisu and her family for hosting us! Our trip to Boston definitely won't be our last (although we'll probably go when the weather is a little warmer next time!)

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