A question I get asked a tonne on my social media is 'How do they feed?' regarding the Dytac 120 Hex Mags! So here's the review!

These mags were kindly supplied to me by the awesome team at my sponsor Land Warrior Airsoft - you can check them out here. Ready for the all the MilSim's I have planned for 2016.

Firstly, let's take a look at the facts - The mags are fully licensed by Dytac in Japan and are a scale replica of the original Hex Mags, they have a capacity of 120 rounds, are light and impact resistant as they are made of a durable polymer which makes them perfect for MilSim Ops. They also come in two colours - Black or Dark Earth. But how do they look? Feel? Perform?

I LOVE how the Hex Mags look. The trademark repeated hexagon pattern that adorns the mag looks awesome and breaks up the boring look of a mag without being too out there. I have these in the Dark Earth to break up the black in my loadout and the colour is a creamy earth colour which looks awesome with the white gripe tape, but more about that later...

One of the reasons I spent a long time researching Mid Caps is because I've heard a lot about the various brands/designs not feeding very well, and this isn't something I wanted to take a chance on, the market is flooded with Mid Cap magazines that all vary in shape, colour, but ultimately it is how they feed that makes or breaks the product. I have tested these in 4 different RIFS - my custom Krytac PDW, my custom G&G Black Rose Version two, a G&P Sentry and the Krytac War Sport LVOA and so far I haven't encountered a problem. The springs are a little tight at first but this is to be expected. They feed exceptionally well in all the RIFs I road tested them in, I did have a slight BB jam in the PDW but I am 99% sure that this was a BB quality issue rather than the mag itself as it was an isolated incident. I have field tested these mags for around 3 months now, and they've gotten a pretty good beating in CQB and in woodland games that I've played (I play every weekend) but they still look in great shape - they've been covered in mud, scraped along the ground and dropped and the polymer has barely scratched, and more importantly they still work flawlessly.

At first I was very skeptical on whether I could convert to using Mid Cap magazines during Skirmish games but after using them for a few months I seriously doubt I would go back to using a Hi Cap mag - gone are the days of the Tactical Bitch Maraca! Haha! I carry 5 of these mags on a regular skirmish day which equates to 600 rounds which is more than enough for the semi auto CQB sites that I usually play and the lack of rattle is much better!

What really excites me about these mags is the accessory possibilities! Dytac have also created a range of HexMag Airsoft HexID followers just like the real steel HexMag HexID systems - they come in a range of 6 colours including: Panther Pink, Zombie Green, Lava Red, Blackout (Black), Hazard Yellow and Nimbus Blue so personalising your mags is easy and the likelihood of getting them mixed up with other Hex Mag users is minimised unless of course you both choose the same colour, which will be hella awkward as one of you will have to go home to change! :P And as the Dytac HexMag is a 1:1 scale replica of the real steel version, the HexMag Grip Tape and Design Hex wraps  - which come in a variety of colours and designs to really make the mags your own!

Honestly, I have found it very difficult to find anything about these mags that I dislike or feel could be improved. The only improvement I would like to see is that they are produced in a wider variety of colours such as grey and perhaps an olive. Overall, I am really impressed with the Dytac HexMags - from the reliability of their feed, to how tough they are and the possibilities for customisation are a huge plus for me!

Stock photos courtesy of Land Warrior Airsoft.

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