Hi everyone! So after my livestream I got loads of questions about how I'm getting on with the additions I recently made to my Plate Carrier so I've put together a 'First Impressions' blog post for you to let you know my thoughts, I will of course do a full review when I have run this kit for a good few skirmishes.

So the first addition is very minor but it is a really handy item, as you can see from the image above I have hooked a small caribiner through the molle on my PC to hang my gloves from when I'm not using them. This is a little trick I picked up from some of the accounts I follow on Instagram and it is really handy - having this little caribiner on my kit means that when I'm finished playing, my gloves and PC stay together (no more rooting around in the plano case!)

The next addition is the Warrior Assault Systems QRS Fastex Weapon sling in MultiCam from UK Tactical. It is a one point sling that is fed through the molle on the back of my PC and through the shoulder strap - I really like the aesthetics of it and the build quality is as always with Warrior gear, excellent. It is priced at £19.96 so it is one of the cheaper Warrior Slings but for my style of play it is certainly the most functional. What I love about this sling is that when I need to get my weapon out of the way to gain access to buildings through windows or to climb over walls/up embankments I can throw my weapon over my shoulder so it is resting on my back meaning I don't have to detach the weapon and leave it outside whilst I gain entry, so first impressions are very good!

The final addition is the Ferro Concepts THE DANGLER Drop Pouch in MultiCam from Tactical Kit, now admittedly I was hesitant about this piece of kit and refused to join the Dangler Pouch bandwagon hype for a while seeing this as a tactical bumbag (or fannypack for my American friends) but when one was brought for me as a present, I could hardly say no and I'm glad I didn't! These pouches retail at £39.99 so are on the expensive side as pouches go but they are pretty useful. I asked my friends who run these pouches what they use theirs for etc and the general consensus was for reusable grenade accessories and tools so I loaded mine up with my multitool, some primers and a Nuprol XL speedloader and away I went. The pouches are exceptionally useful and allow easy access to essentials without having to get a team mate to fetch them from my pack so it gets a thumbs up from me!

Look out for the full review soon!

Photos thanks to my good friend Andy Snook of Snook Snaps.

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