Hey everyone! The team at RDX Tactical were kind enough to send me the new Zoxna Mini Moscart Launcher for review and after running it in a fair few CQB games and putting it through its paces, it's time to get this review underway!

Let's take a look at the technical specs first, this tiny piece of kit from a European brand named Zoxna, measures just 95mm long, 28mm wide, 30mm high and weighs a teeny 93g! It is designed to shoot 40 BBs at betwen 170 - 190 FPS in one shot whilst taking up as little space as possible.

It is made from sturdy aluminium, can be attached to any system railweaver/standard picatinny rail from pistols to primaries and is powered by green gas.

After trying my Zoxna out on my WE M&P pistol and discovering that it wouldn't fit in the Warrior Assault Systems Universal Holster, I tried it on both my ASG Scorpion Evo 3A1 and my G&G Armament CM16 SRL and eventually settled on mounting it to a rail attachment on my CM16 because of the colour of the launcher, the team at RDX Tactical sprayed up a black launcher with a pink snakeskin pattern but upon receiving it we had a good chat and decided I would spray it to match the other attachments on the rifle. It attaches really easily, as it has two little grub screws which you undo, slide the launcher onto the rail and then tighten the grub screws back up. I have been using Nuprol's 3.0 and ASG 0.2g Blaster BBs as the chosen ammo and to load it, I have been using the Nuprol XL Speedloader.

So like I said earlier, the launcher itself holds 40 BBS and although it can be loaded by hand if you don't have a speedloader but a speedloader does make filling the launcher a lot easier and quicker. The Launcher is gassed through a little valve on the side that Airsofters will recognise as the same that we see on gas pistol mags. When I first started using the launcher I did have difficulty filling it with BBs as some of the BBs did get stuck but with a good forceful pump of the speedloader this is rectified, my best guess is that this is because the unit was brand new as I've not noticed it for a while.

It is pretty much a 'plug and play unit', attach the unit, load it with gas and BBs and pull the trigger when the opportunity presents itself! Then reset the trigger, gas it back up and refill the BBs and you're good to go again! I have found that the trigger can be a little tough to reset with gloves on but is much easier without. They can be a little stiff when you first use the unit but with use it does loosen up. I love how easy the unit is to install and use! This means even beginners can use them with ease. They are also really, really fun! The spread on them is awesome and they're super effective at under 10-15m, not to mention they scare the living daylights out of the player on the receiving end! As you can see from the picture below, they do pack a little bit of a punch! One thing I have found is, whilst they are really fun for the operator of the unit, and most players will take it in good humour, some players don't really like getting swiss cheesed by a Zoxna! Even though they are such a low FPS they don't hurt and are more surprising than anything else!

Overall, I am really impressed with the Zoxna Mini Moscart Launcher and think it's a fun piece of kit to use! The units retail at £39.99 from RDX and come in both Red and Black, and honestly? It's probably the best 40 quid you could spend on an attachment for your primary. The unit is relatively cheap to purchase and fill with gas/beebs but is super fun!

My friend Den at Hench Airsoft also has a Zoxna Mini Moscart Launcher and this is what he has to say: 'It's nigh on impossible to aim when moving at speed, luckily with a Zoxna, you don't need to aim very well! At under 10m the spread is amazing, surpassed only by the look of terror on the player on the receiving end! Possibly the most fun bit of Airsoft kit you can buy for £40'  You can check out some of Den's kills with the Zoxna here

*It shouldn't have to be said but the Zoxna Launchers shouldn't be loaded in the safe zone, always be sure to gas and load them on the field! Safety first!

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  1. I'm planning to mount one on my Mk23 for when being silent isn't viable!


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