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So today I'm back with another review and this is one specifically for the ladies! When I was in the States I got the chance to test the PIG full dexterity tactical (FDT) Delta Utility glove which is a slip-on tactical glove, that is a hybrid of the most popular features from the past PIG models in a budget option that still gives the user a high-dexterity fit. I used these gloves for all of my airsoft games/MilSims whilst I was stateside and they fit SO well! Now I'm back in the UK I've purchased a pair for me to wear for my airsoft games back home and I thought I'd give you lovely lot the low down on them.

The gloves, although small and a seemingly ordinary pair of gloves boast a bunch of awesome features including: touchscreen compatible forefinger and thumb (perfect for those of us who are partial to a midgame selfie!), single-layer palm for tactile sensitivity, bar-tacked paracord pull loops and they even have a silicon printed grip on the palm for extra grip making them practical and usable for not only airsoft but for other outdoor activities.

Although it may be obvious, what I love the most about these gloves is how they fit! I adore how dainty and ladylike they make my hands look! The fold-over finger construction and elastic wrist for quick put on and take off sequence not only make them more comfortable for the user but it also gives them a sleeker, more sophisticated look - nothing like the purpose made airsoft gloves we usually see on the field. They aren't padded or extra thick around the knuckles so getting shot in the hands whilst wearing these does still suck, but honestly? Finger shots are quite rare and I'd rather have the dexterity than bulky protection.

They're easy to put on, quick drying after they've gotten wet and the touchscreen compatible finger and thumb is super useful! Overall, I'm super impressed with them.

The PIG FDT Delta Utility Gloves are available in black, coyote, ranger green & carbon grey and are also available in sizes ranging from a small to an extra extra large the size range is super inclusive. In the states I did wear an XS but I couldn't find them online on my return so I opted for the S - there is a difference in size but not by a huge amount. Although the exchange rate in the states makes them cheaper to buy out there, shipping is a killer! They are available from Tactical Kit for £30.95 here!

Photography thanks to Pewpewpatriot
Patrons: Oskar Engstrom & James Smith

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