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I'm back with another review for you and this time we’re looking at the AimCam Camo shooting glasses which were featured in the ‘Femme Fatale’s Favourites August 2017!’

The AimCam shooting glasses are a pair of rated shooting glasses suitable for shooting activities ranging from the range, clay pigeon shooting and even airsoft, that have a 3M pixel CMOS camera mounted to the frame that is capable of recording at 30 FPS in 1080p or 60 FPS in 720p for capturing all those game days and awesome moments.

The glasses take up to 32GB memory card, have rechargeable batteries - which can record around an hour and a half worth of footage but they can also record whilst charging from portable USB power pack and they have an internal microphone for capturing sound. Included in the box you get: the AimCam frame, an AimCam hardcase and protective AimCam bag to keep your glasses safe, spare clips/screws, a USB Data/charging cable, micro tool, interchangeable safety/UV protection lenses in clear, black, yellow and an adjustable headstrap.

The lenses included in the pack meet European standards EN166:2001 (standard for Personal Eye Protection) and EN172:1994/A1:2000 (standard for Personal Eye Protection – sunglare filters for industrial use). They are also CE rated. AimCam have also developed a set of tactical lenses that are ideal for airsoft that meet EN166F (impact resistant standard).

AimCam have developed their own app to go with the glasses so the user can get the most out of their glasses – the app lets you view the position of the camera so you can adjust it and lock it into place (no more guessing the right angle for your camera equipment!) and as the glasses have WiFi enabled live streaming users can use the app to livestream to their social media platforms such as Facebook. The app can also be used to capture 12M Pixel photos from the recorded footage. The app is super useful, especially for those social media butterflies amongst us.

The glasses are easy to use – charge them up, pop the memory card in, press the on/record button and you are ready to go. There is a separate WiFi button that turns on the glasses WiFi and enables you to connect with the app. The app is also super easy to use.

The AimCam shooting glasses retail for £199.00 and are available in 2 colourways: black or camo. As they have a hefty price tag they are a huge investment, but if you’re an airsofter who uploads to YouTube or likes to record gameplay footage these are a pretty awesome gadget to have as they really do give you a perfect first person view.

Are there any improvements I would make? There’s only a couple of things that I think could be improved on the AimCams because no matter how you look at it, they are cool AF. I would love to be able to record 60 FPS at 1080p for recording for YouTube, and I gave feedback to AimCam earlier this year that when I’m wearing ear protection, because of the thickness of the temples (due to the electronics in them) the gap between the face and the lenses increases a tad, they have taken on board this feedback and are now developing a set of AimCams with thinner temples.

Overall, I think they’re an awesome gadget to have and super useful for those of us who like to record their gamedays but they are a purchase you should be sure of because of the hefty price tag.

Get the Aimcam Camo airsoft package here

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