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So I’m back with another review, and this time it’s a review for Gunfire.pl! Today we’re going to be looking at one of the new CORE™ AEGs from Specna Arms - the SA - C04. The CORE™ range of replicas have been designed to be tough, lightweight and more affordable for both beginners and seasoned airsoft players alike.

For the new CORE™ range, Specna Arms decided to use more polymer in their construction to make them not only lighter but also more affordable. So let’s breakdown what’s what! The receiver, stock slide, stock and the pistol grip are all made from a super tough fiber-glass reinforced polymer. Whilst the barrel, RIS handguard, flash hider, enlarged charging handle and sling points are all made of metal. As well as other parts including the screws, pins, shell ejection window and mock bolt carrier. 

As for aesthetics, it has a classic M4 look and features a 22 mm top RIS rail, a RIS handguard and an adjustable stock with a textured butt pad. The top rail has a flip-up rear sight and a fixed front sight.  It has a standard flash hider that has a 14 mm left-handed thread. The receiver also bears some pretty cool markings and a serial number.

What about the internals? The gearbox contains 8 mm slide bearings and shimmed steel gears. The system has four anti-reversal latches.  It also features a piston made of polycarbonate polymer that it is equipped with a full steel strip, a type 1 cylinder and a steel circuit-breaker and a precise rotary Hop-Up chamber which makes changing the hopup really easy. The replica also features the CORE™ quick change spring system which enables you to quickly change the power of the gun by swapping out the spring without any special tools – the spring can be changed by removing the stock slide, and then using a long screw driver. Out of the box, I chrono’d the replica at 378 FPS, which is around our legal limit and definitely higher than the 350 FPS site limits but Specna Arms provide an M90 spring in the box, and installing this reduces the muzzle velocity to  around 310 FPS. I rechrono’d at 308 FPS. It is fully compatible with LiPo and LiFe batteries, one of which comes in the box so it’s ready to go.

How does it feel/perform on the field? Well, it certainly feels sturdy and the build quality is solid. It has a snappy fire selector and a good trigger response. On semi-auto it was consistent and the range was good. Full auto was pretty fun, and it had a good grouping.

In the box you get: the SA Core replica, a 300 round high cap magazine, RIS rail covers, tactical forward grip, an additional main spring, battery & charger.

The whole package retails for €133,25 which at the current exchange rate is around £118.65. I’m really impressed with the price point of this model as it’s really affordable, and great value especially considering the extras you get in the box including the battery, charger and foregrip. It’s the complete package which is especially handy for new players and not to mention tough. I am really pleasantly surprised with this model in the Specna Arms CORE™ range.

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Photography by Georaga Airsoft

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  1. whats the difference between co-3 and co-4, they cost the same


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