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I’m back with another review for Valken and this time we’re looking at the Valken Zulu Gloves! The Valken Tactical Zulu Glove is Valken’s most popular glove in their line of hand protection and it boasts a whole range of features that promote comfort and utility, as well as protection. The Zulu glove offers the end user a balance of comfort and protection for shooting activities ranging from airsoft, to paintball.

The Zulu gloves are made of a breathable material that is not only lightweight and durable but also comfortable. To maximise the comfort for the user the gloves have kevlar covered hardshell knuckles to protect not just against BB/paintball hits but scrapes and scuffs to your knuckles whilst playing as well which is a great feature because we all know that knuckle shots absolutely suck! The hardshell knuckles are really thick and substantial, the gloves also have some rubber and thicker fabric along the fingers which compliments the hardshell knuckles and offers extra protection for the fingers as well.

As for extra features, it also has 4 way stretch articulated joints on the small, ring, middle, and index fingers to allow for movement whilst playing, a soft absorbing pad on the thumb for sweat – keeping those hands dry, double stitched padding on the palm and silicon grip pads on the upper palm and index finger. The silicon grip pads are a cool feature on the glove because they give you more grip allowing for easier reloads, removing mags from pouches etc.

How do they fit? Well most of you know that I have very tiny hands and so for me finding gloves that fit has been a nightmare so I was a little bit sceptical about trying out armoured gloves as I have tried armoured gloves before and they've absolutely drowned my hands – I put these on and there weren't any major fit issues. I did find that the little finger of the glove was a little roomy but apart from that the small size gloves are a pretty good size. The velcro closure adjustment helps keep the gloves tight around the wrist and top of the hand so they aren’t baggy. I used these for a woodland skirmish and found them to be comfortable, quick drying and protected my hands from any hits well. Tan colourway also went well with my MultiCam loadout which is a plus!

Are there any improvements I would make? The only improvement I would make to the gloves would be a lower profile hardshell knuckle for airsoft and a tinier pinky. I really like that they offer so much protection but a more streamlined knuckle would in my opinion improve the aesthetics and would eliminate the extra bulk/weight that is unnecessary for an airsoft glove.

The Zulu glove is available in Black, Olive and Tan. It’s also available in sizes S to a 2XL. As for price, the Zulu glove retails at $36.95 from Valken themselves (which at the current exchange rate is around £28).

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