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I have another review for you, as most of you will know from reading the recent posts on the blog I've teamed up with Military 1st to bring you guys a short series of affordable plate carrier set ups for both tan and green team uniforms and today we are going to look at/review the base plate carrier for the second build in the series, the Flyye Industries Fast Attack Plate Carrier in olive drab!

The Fast Attack Plate Carrier from Flyye Industries is a lightweight plate carrier that is designed to offer the operator great mobility and also a good level of load carrying capacity. Although it looks like a pretty simple PC, it has a bunch of great features - the most notable of which being that both the front and back of the plate carrier are completely covered from top to bottom with MOLLE webbing straps for attaching a whole range of MOLLE pouches, panels and packs. It also has strips of Velcro along the lower half of the front of the carrier which could be used to attach Velcro pouch panels. As you can see from the images, there is SO much carrying space on the plate carrier, which is pretty awesome.

As the name suggests, the plate carrier is all about getting the job done quickly and efficiently - along with the Velcro strips for quick pouch panel attachments, the adjustable padded shoulder straps and quick release buckles allow for quick adjustments and modifications to size. There is also 1/4" thick closed cell foam in both the shoulders and also in the upper torso parts to help alleviate load stress on the operators back and shoulders. One thing that has really impressed me with the Fast Attack Plate Carrier is just how lightweight it is! The Plate Carrier weighs in at just 850g including the soft armour plates. This would make it a great option as part of a MilSim, battlesim or a weekender game loadout. We all know the aches and pains that inevitably comes with wearing a plate carrier for extended periods of time, and having something that weighs so little as the basis of a loadout will help in minimising this.

The vest is made of durable Invista 1000D Cordura Nylon - which is much more resistant to the usual wear, tear and stresses of high movement activity such as airsoft than your standard Nylon. One of the big positives for this material is that it is also water resistant and that no water will retain on its surface - making it a good option for wet skirmish days and MilSims as the water won't pool on the surface, infiltrate the materials and get weighed down with extra weight.

It is available in a fair few colour/camo options - olive drab, black, coyote, and ranger green, MultiCam, ATACS FG and ATACS AU. As well as colour options it also comes in 2 sizes - medium which fits 10" x 12" plates and large which takes 11" x 14" plates. It is worth mentioning that the soft armour plates are included. I opted for the medium size and although I would normally wear a small and admittedly I did think it looked a little huge when I got it out of the packaging, it does adjust. Due to my small waist, I always fair better with plate carriers without cummerbunds in regards to fit! Fortunately this vest has nothing except the quick release buckles so it is definitely smaller than some of the other tactical vests that I have tried. The quick release buckles pull right in, enough for the plate carrier to not move around when I'm running, bending and moving around. I do however think, that for someone with a smaller frame than my own it might be a little loose around the body and move around during high energy activity. This is definitely a plate carrier suited to those who have a medium to larger frames.

As I'm using this carrier as the base for the green team uniform I chose the olive drab colour option, as there is a wider range of pouches available that will colour match perfectly.

What about price? The Flyye Fast Attack Plate Carrier in olive drab is available from the Military 1st website for £80.95. It is worth mentioning that the camo options are more expensive - retailing for £125.95 but this is understandable as camo pattern material is more expensive than block colours. Honestly, I think £81 for a plate carrier with plates but without pouches is really reasonable, especially one that is made to military specifications. It has a large carrying capacity and is lightweight enough to be used for both your regular Sunday skirmishes and longer games without being uncomfortable.

I'll be using this carrier as the base for the green tam affordable plate carrier set up which will be featured in a YouTube video on the Femme Fatale Airsoft YouTube channel and also broken down in a blog post so be sure to keep your eyes out for those, which will be uploaded/posted at the start of November!

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Photography by Pewpewpatriot

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