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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another gear review for you, and this time we’re looking at the Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Charger Pack that I’ve been using with my VX Buckle Up Utility Rig lately!

The new Viper VX Buckle Up Charger Pack is apart of the new VX range and what drew me to this product is its similarity to the HSP FlatPack, but for a fraction of the price. The pack itself consists of one main compartment and one front compartment - both of which have the capability of expanding. It has adjustable/removable shoulder straps and also MOLLE attachment which mens it can be used with the VX range (and similar systems) and most plate carriers that have a MOLLE back. It is made of 700D Polytech material and is really lightweight - weighing in at just 0.54kg but has a huge carrying capacity of approximately 4-14ltr!

As for other features, it has D-ring attachment for chest rig compatibility, a bladder/comms outlet, a huge Velcro id panel and a grab handle.

I’ve been using the VX Charger Pack in place of the straps for the VX Buckle Up Chest rig (you can read my review here) to give my back more protection from BBs especially when playing indoors and the straps on the pack seem to be a little shorter than those on the CR as well so it gives me a closer fit. The pack also gives me the option to carry essentials onto the field - including BBs, speed loaders, a water bladder on hot game days etc which in turn can help balance out the weight of the CR when it’s fully loaded up! Although I don’t run HPA anymore, I reckon this pack is a good size to carry a small HPA tank. Thanks to the Buckle Up system, the straps are really easy to swap out for the charger pack - just unclip the straps and clip in the pack and you're good to go! It can be used on other brands gear as it also has the MOLLE back.

The VX charger pack is available in Green, Titanium, Coyote, V-Cam and Black and retails for £38.50 from retailers such as Military 1st. This means there is a pack that will certainly suit any loadout (I currently run one in green to go with my VX Chest Rig), and it’s pretty affordable so they are really budget friendly (especially if you want more than one for different load outs!)

What are my final thoughts? It’s affordable, gives you more protection than the original straps, allows you to carry essentials onto the field, is expandable and it looks like a higher end product than its price point! I really like that it is functional AND looks great. It’s a great lightweight backpack to add to any loadout, I just wish it came in more colours - MultiCam Black, AM I RIGHT?! Overall, I think Viper is killing it with their new VX range!

Photos thanks to @1legion.uk_patriot
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