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Welcome back to the blog! Today we have another review - this time from my girl Ellie-May/ @northernlights_airsoft on the Coyote Stretch Pants from Viper Tactical!

"In this review, I will be talking about the Viper Stretch Pants from Viper Tactical. 

Right off the bat, the first thing I love about these pants is that you can wear them for most outdoor activities (urban games, CQB and Summer outdoor games in general). They’re versatile; and with a suggested retail price of £69.95 (£59.95 at Military 1st), they're pretty affordable. These tactical stretch pants are a low profile, cargo style trouser that is made from a thin but durable combination of nylon and Spandex; giving the material a slight stretch so it moves with you. And, whilst there are only three colours to choose from (black, green and coyote), these colours will match with most load outs. 

One thing that may turn people away is the lack of a built-in kneepad, (something I know I like having when I’m playing outdoors, woodlands especially). However, they are manufactured with a reinforced seat and knees so they are hard-wearing; along with clean and solid stitching, these trousers will stay with you for a while. The lack of a built-in kneepad was something I liked when it came to these trousers though; it meant that I could continue to wear them once I got home after airsoft. So, it’s also really easy to style these in your everyday wardrobe as well as your airsoft wardrobe.

Another key feature of this product is the pockets. As standard there are two deep front hand pockets with a right integral pocket; two back pockets that are hook and loop close, both with their own integral pocket; a mag pocket on the front of the left leg, also hook and loop (If you’re not wearing these for airsoft, this can fit any standard size smartphone instead); and also a wider pocket above the knee on both legs, again hook and loop close. So, there are enough pockets to satisfy anyone’s needs. There’s also a handy D-ring on the waist that can hold things such as keys or tools.

So, with soft but durable material, plenty of pockets and versatility as a clothing item; what’s not to like about the Viper Stretch Pants? Well, a personal issue I had was that, whilst there is a wide range of sizes to choose from (S-3XL), I had trouble getting the smallest size to fit my waist. A small comes with around a 32” waist, and I’m a 28” waist usually, and with no other way to adjust the pants I had to resort to using a belt for the day. Although trying to find any kind of trousers that fit just right on the leg and the waist has always been a struggle for me; so, I recommend always checking the size charts before you buy. 

Overall, for all of us who are out and about this summer, the Viper Stretch Pants are an excellent addition to anyone’s wardrobe, but check the size chart before purchasing."

Newton, E. (2019). VIPER STRETCH PANTS. 6MM ACTUAL. 3 (JUNE), 26-27.

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