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Welcome back to the blog! Today I'm catching up on some posts that have been in the works for a while, and in this post I'll be telling you about the Land Warrior Open Trade weekend! On Friday 17th May I made the mammoth drive from Derby to Dalkeith - the home of Land Warrior Airsoft. I set off around 7.30am as it's a 5 hour drive in regular traffic conditions, however, there was a huge accident at Junction 40 of the M6 which left me in standstill traffic for almost 3 HOURS! The trip altogether took 8.5 hours and I learned a lot - stop frequently just in case, always have food and water for long car rides (luckily enough I had some lucozade sport and mints in the car). When I arrived at the store I had a quick look around, an axe throw then we went out for a curry. 

We arrived at the store on Saturday bright and early ready for the day! Land Warrior recently acquired the neighbouring unit in their building so have been doing a lot of in house modifications including a brand new cafe, a live firing range and an archery/axe range. Over the course of the day, customers were invited in to have a coffee, take part in axe throwing/archery and practical shooting for free, play wargames, buy/sell second hand kit and there was a huge 5.11 sale on in the store itself.

Land Warrior Airsoft, Dalkeith

5.11 @ Land Warrior Airsoft, Dalkeith

5.11 @ Land Warrior Airsoft, Dalkeith

5.11 @ Land Warrior Airsoft, Dalkeith

Highlander @ Land Warrior Airsoft, Dalkeith

As many of you will know my Krytac MKII CRB-M is from Land Warrior and has their top upgrade package installed so I took her back to LWA to have her LEOTEK engraving done!

LEOTEK engraving

Archery, Axe thorwing and buy/sell

Bike display

This quad had CUP HOLDERS

LWA opened up their new activity hall to their customers and skirmishers to hold a buy/sell fair with tables of pre-owned goods! Bargains were had!




Customers also had the chance to take part in wargamming activities upstairs.

After a successful day at the store, we retired to our respective households to relax before the game day at Airsoft Edinburgh -  check it out here.

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