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Welcome back to the blog! Today I'm featuring a review from the June issue of 6MM ACTUAL by my good friend Tallin on the Spiritus Systems Micro Fight MK3 Chest Rig! I enjoyed T's review so much that I picked up a Spiritus MK3 when I visited Land Warrior in May - check out his review and see what you think!

"Spiritus systems, are a gear company based out of Washington, USA, that have been making big waves in the combat gear scene. Their focus is on lightweight, versatile gear and that is used by branches of the police, military and private sector. As an airsofter that enjoys using the more realistic gear, I found myself very interested with this company’s products and have been following them for some time. I recently took the plunge and order myself one of their modular chest rigs the “Micro Fight” in ranger green.

My main reason for selecting the micro fight over its competition was because the Micro Fight was designed from the ground up to be as light-weight and modular as possible, this means it has the ability to hold magazines of all kinds and calibres including 9mm, 5.56mm and 7.62mm in multiple configurations and allows me to use it with both my scar H and M4 with a simple swap of a magazine insert! 

With the addition of a removable cover on the back of the chassis, that when removed reveals a Velcro backing, which, in turn, allows you to mount the chassis as a placard to any plate carrier that has a Velcro front panel and space for swift clips. You will also be glad to read that the quality of this item is second to none as the Micro Fight chest rig MK 3 is built from 500D Cordura material; so, there is little chance of tearing during ops. Though like most materials, it is not indestructible, with nylon stitching and high-quality Velcro sections used to cover the interior and exterior of the chassis, it all comes together to create a very well-built chest rig that will last. 

It is available in a multitude of colours including the full Multicam range of camos and colours such as wolf grey or ranger green; allowing you to fit it seamlessly into any loadout. This is the perfect item for somebody that enjoys running an extremely streamlined loadout that carries only the essentials.

But before you even consider purchasing a Spiritus systems micro fight I must warn you that this rig is a fully modular platform that is sold in parts and not as a complete unit. Although this is by no means a bad thing. It allows you to build the chassis to your own specifications. 

After toying with how I wanted to set mine up I decided to wear my micro fight MK3 as a front panel on my JPC and built the MK3 up to allow me to carry exactly what I need during a game day. Currently, it holds 3 standard AR magazines in the rear compartment with the micro fight triple 5.56 insert that holds 2 pistol magazines in its front compartment, with the micro fight double pistol magazine insert. Though this area is also sharing space with my dead rag and Alan key set in case of a malfunction midgame. To help hold in these extra pieces of gear I have utilized the micro fight half flap.

Unfortunately, all this modularity comes at a price. Building even a simple chest rig loadout will set you back around £150+. Though this is slightly higher than its competitors. I personally believe that the modularity and lightweight design of the micro fight justify this slight price increase over similar products.

Hogan, T. (2019). SPIRITUS SYSTEMS MICROFIGHT MK3. 6MM ACTUAL. 3 (June), 8-9.

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