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As some of you will remember a couple of months back in October I reviewed the Valken (Sly) Profit paintball mask (you can read the review here!) and today I’m back taking a look at the thermal lens which is a part of the growing collection of lenses for the profit mask, giving airsofters and paintballers alike more aesthetic choices for their face protection.

The Sly Profit Thermal Lens is a UV & IR resistant thermal lens with a compound curved inner and outer surfaces that boasts 270-degree horizontal and 160-degree vertical vision. Thermal or 'dual' pane lenses help to reduce fogging. The yellow tint to the lens also helps with visibility in low light conditions.

The lenses on the Profit mask are pretty easy to swap out! All you need to do is get a flathead screwdriver and undo the locks on each side of the mask, remove the locking pieces and then remove the strap - once all the locking parts are off, just push the lens out and replace with your new choice lens! To secure after fitting, just replace all the locking parts and you're done! The simplicity of the process of changing the lens is definitely a bonus!

I swapped out my clear Profit lens to the thermal lens for a few games of intense and quite dark CQB to see if the alternate lens would be an advantage! Although the Profit isn't prone to fogging anyway unless used with the rain guard - the rain guard blocks the vents at the top of the mask to prevent rain falling onto the lens and causing visibility issues but because it covers the vents it can cause fogging when used indoors or in cold conditions. The dual pane thermal lens gives players added assurance that their visibility won't suffer no matter the weather conditions!

As I'm not a player that really suffers from fogging issues anyway, I popped the rain cover on my Profit vents so I'd be able to gauge whether the thermal lens makes a difference! I think the dual pane design of the lens definitely improves visibility. The two lenses keep any fogging out of the main field of vision and keeps it clear. Without the rain vent on, there are no fogging issues to report at all. I like the colour of the lens and how it looks in the mask, it definitely looks a little more interesting than the clear lens! The yellow tint also helps with visibility of the terrain low light!

The Sly Profit thermal lens retails for $24.95 on the Valken website here, which is around £18 for us in the UK. I think compared to other paintball masks and lenses on the market it is a really affordable option for players that want a full face protection option on a budget. I think the thermal lens is a great addition to the collection of lenses that Valken are building for the Profit mask, I would love to see some reflective and coloured lenses such as pink, purple, blue for the profit that would open up the mask to some more loadouts.

Post sponsored by Valken Tactical
Photography by Henry Nicholson

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