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So it's finally here - SHOT Show 2018 and I'm kicking off the content with day one of my SHOT Show week! On Monday myself, and Chris from The Full 9 were hosted by First Spear for their private range day event just outside the city centre of Las Vegas, Nevada!

Range days are where companies exhibit new firearms and firearms related products and give their customers/media relations a chance to get their hands on them and put some lead down range. To kick off our range day we started off on the pistol range where we got to shoot a 9mm Glock 19 and a .45 ACP 1911.

Over the course of the last two days (and two range days back to back makes you sore!) I've become loads more comfortable with shooting handguns and my shot has definitely improved. I particularly enjoyed shooting the Glock 19 that had an RDS!

Next we moved onto the Triarc systems ARs with Aimpoint red dot sights! I am much more comfortable firing rifles than pistols because they are much easier to manipulate and control.

Here's a few products that I spotted that 

First up is the MultiMag Rapid-Adjust Pocket from First Spear LLC which has a patented adjustment and retention system so the user can rapidly adjust their pouch to fit a wide range of magazines and other similar sized items such as radios etc. Just pop the item in and twist the adjustment wheel. These would be super useful to have on a plate carrier/belt loadout if you regularly run different weapons but didn't want to change PCs/belts!

Next up is the Bullfrog plate carrier from First Spear, something on this piece of kit really caught my eye and impressed me - the fastenings! Instead of noisy and sticky velcro, the First Spear plate carriers feature what best can be described a sliding clip system (unfortunately I can't remember what their technical name is!) - when you want to take the carrier off you simply pull on the zipper pull like tab and the sides of the plate carrier are released - this would be an awesome feature to have on a plate carrier for airsoft!

Stay tuned for more coverage of SHOT Show throughout the week!

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