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I’m back with another review of some tactical kit for you lovely lot and today I’m looking at the Valken KILO One Point sling!

The V-Tac KILO Sling is a single point, double bungee weapon sling made from heavy-duty nylon that has three side release buckles that are all super functional - two to make the sling easy to put on over gear regardless of which side you sling the rifle, and the third is to quickly disconnect the rifle without needing to take off the sling which is really useful on the field. It is also adjustable to the wearer.

It has an elastic hook sleeve that covers the HK style hook that easily attaches to most sling points, I say most because although it is a universal fitting, some airsoft guns have tiny sling point attachments or sling point attachments in really inconvenient/awkward places that this hook just won't pass through. The hook is easy to manipulate with and without gloves on.

The bungee in the sling is pretty strong but it still has some give in it, the sling overall is of a good quality and doesn't feel flimsy. I usually run my sling through the shoulder straps of my plate carrier as it looks neater and is a lot more comfortable when on the field so rather than wearing the sling over my gear I chose to follow suit and thread the straps of the KILO sling through the shoulder pieces of my Tora Bora green loadout plate carrier, and secured them with the Velcro ties and also at the back. The colour matches my green plate carrier and other pouches pretty well as you can see from the photos which is a definite bonus and, it doesn't look out of place amongst my other gear.

One of the most useful features of this sling is the third release buckle that allows you to detach the rifle from the sling without taking the sling off the rifle - it's great for when you're out in the field on a long game and you need to remove your rifle from you to either get into windows, over high walls etc! The only thing that I dislike about the KILO sling is the elastic hook sleeve that protects the hook - when my hands are cold or I'm wearing gloves the sleeve is a little fiddly and pulling it back can be a bit of a hassle.

The V-Tac KILO sling is available in 3 colours - black, tan and green! I opted for the green so it completed my Tora Bora green plate carrier set-up! The sling retails for $15.95 on Valken's website here and for us Brits that works out to roughly £12 which is a great price point for a bungee sling.

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Photos thanks to Henry Nicholson

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