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I've been getting a few messages on social media about my Eastern Royal Trading loadout for Desertfox Airsoft Events: Battle for Lost Angeles so I thought I'd do a detailed breakdown of my look for the event!

Eastern Royal Trading or ERT is the green based colour faction in the Desertfox Airsoft Events series, the faction uses black and red as colour accents, players on this faction can wear an assortment of these 3 colours. Check out the player loadouts guideline images below:

ERT Jungle Mercenary Female

ERT Jungle Mercenary Male

ERT 'Black-Out' Mercenary Male

ERT 'Blac-Out 'Mercenary Female

For my loadout for the Battle For Lost Angeles I wanted to go down a lumber-tac/Tom Clancy's Division route for that futuristic look as the events are set in the future! The colours that were the focus for my loadout were black and red!

For my head/face protection I wore a 5.11 beanie, my trusty Wiley X Saber Shooting Glasses with the vermillion lens and a respirator - which did have to come off around 30 minutes into the game due to the heat and elevation. I swapped to a tan half mesh face mask.

I wore a red plaid Faded shirt for that lumbertac look and Emerson G3 MultiCam Black combat trousers with integrated kneepads! For my plate carrier, I wore the MultiCam Black LBT 6094a that had a couple of extra pouches along the cummerbund.

Keeping my feet dry, comfy and safe was the Salomon Quest Prime GTX Women's shoes sprayed brown and red to match the ERT colour scheme. I also wore a pair of PIG Delta Utility Gloves in tan!

My weapon for DFE: Battle for Lost Angeles was an Umbrella Armoury upgraded VFC Avalon with a T1 style sight, foregrip and PTS EPM mid-cap magazines.

Check out these photos of the loadout in action, by Brian Clarkson of Desertfox Airsoft Events

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