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In this post, we're going to be looking at all the new products that Valken are dropping this year that were showcased at SHOT Show 2018!

Let's start off with the new airsoft guns for 2018: 

First up is the Valken AR-1 Carbine which is Valken's model of the in-stock HPA system. Just in case you've been living under the airsoft rock recently - HPA is moving in a new direction with multiple companies bringing out their own variation of an airsoft gun that has a stock with a HPA tank concealed in it, so instead of having a line and larger external tank, everything is contained in the stock and connects directly. The Valken AR-1 has an aluminium alloy receiver, 12.5" free floating metal rail, front and rear flip up sights and a 6 position 13 Ci ready stock.

The new AR-1 PDW has a male HPA fitting on the underside of the PDW tube that feeds into the air source adapter - you connect a remote line to this. The AR-1 PDW has an aluminium alloy receiver, a 7" free floating metal rail, front and rear flip up sights, 6 position PDW stock and it is remote ready. Out of the AR-1 Carbine and PDW, the PDW is definitely more my jam! I'm really looking forward to seeing this on the field.

Here is my favourite of the ALLOY range for 2018:
The ALLOY MKII has an aluminium alloy receiver, a 10" free floating metal rail, front and rear hi-vis sights which are really cool, a 6 position crane stock and it runs on a 7.4 LiPO battery.

Valken has also announced that the new Accelerate ProMatch BB line will be replacing their current line of BBS, with more info on them soon, but the information they have given us is they will be available in bio and none-bio and from 0.20g all the way up to 0.50g.

Now onto accessories and tactical kit! First, we're going to look at the KILO wire mesh mask, although there's not really much to say about wire mesh masks, this one has a couple of nifty features! 

So the KILO mask has padding along the nose edge for extra comfort and added protection for the user. It also has repair buckles on both sides of the mask so you can easily replace them or, even better, use the repair buckle attachment for helmets to attach the straps directly to your helmet with no need to cut or stitch! 

Valken is also dropping a wire mesh/fabric mask similar to those that have become really popular in the last year, the TANGO padded mask. Again, not much to say about it but it does have the straps and some velcro on the side of the fabric so you have more patch space.

Next up are the KILO gloves - a pair of utility gloves that have padded knuckles to absorb shock and have mobile tactile recognition, meaning you can use your smartphone whilst still wearing them. They come in sizes S to XL and in 3 colourways - tan, black and olive!

Next up is the ALPHA Plate Carrier -  a budget version of their JPC that is perfect for younger players and players who don't want to spend serious bucks on their kit. It has laser cut molle and adjustable straps in place of a cummerbund enabling it to be completely customisable to the user. 

It comes in 3 colourways - tan, black & olive and each colour has a design printed on the back which goes with the coordinating patch! My personal favourite is the jolly roger pirate design on the black ALPHA PC!

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