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Welcome back to the blog! This year has gone by in an absolute flash. As Christmas is once again just around the corner (my tree has been up since November 6th - don't @ me, it was put up later than it was last year!), it's time to start buying gifts for our nearest and dearest and I've compiled a list of perfect stocking stuffers for the airsofters in your life - whether it's your lady, fella, secret Santa co-worker, or teammate, there's something on this list for every budget!

The Neutron is the single-shot impact grenade from Tectonic Innovations! It has a simple bobblehead design and weighs in at just over 450g. It is constructed from stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum so that the device can be reused reliably. It has a built-in safety mechanism and features a twist to activate safety.

The base of the grenade has two small windows, to insert a glow in the dark capsule (ie a fishing glowstick), with the result being that the grenade can be found easily, even in the dark! It fits in a standard 40mm holster and is the perfect fit for the Deadly Customs 40mm holster. This reusable airsoft grenade is perfect for the airsofter in your life that plays CQB! You can read my full review here, and save 5% on the Extreme Airsoft website with my code 'femmefatale21'

The Deadly Customs Glock Shooters Style Mag Holsters have been redesigned from their larger big brother and are shorter, lighter, and have more aggressive styling but still offer the same great retention we expect from DC products.

They are made from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex and are manufactured to fit all Airsoft Glock 17, 18, 19,22, and 34 magazines. Each Mag Holster has 2 adjustable retention screws so that you can set them to suit play style or environment. They can be easily double stacked in front of each other saving space on your Shooters Belt or plate carrier. The design also allows you to orientate your magazine both ways to suit you and have the ability to be canted forward or backward by 10 or 20° using the mounting holes.

They are available in a bunch of colours and don't worry if the airsofter in your life has a different pistol, Deadly Customs makes these for a range of pistols. You can save 10% on any order at DC using my code 'femmefatale'

All airsofters need BBs and the Ares Amoeba range is consistent and of good quality. In the pouches of BBs, you get more than the bottles which make them great value for money. 0.28g are a great choice for outdoor and urban environments so do check any site BB weight limits before using. 

The WASDN PEQ Dbal. A2 is a piece of kit that is both functional and looks great! It's made from a high-quality polymer and attaches to any 20mm picatinny rail with a quick-release QD mount. It features both white light and IR - a white light torch for constant light, a strobe for signaling and disorientating, and an IR laser/IR illuminator for use with nightvision. It is powered by a CR123A battery so be sure to include one of these in the stocking too!

Face protection is pretty important in airsoft, especially if the airsofter in your life plays CQB (we don't want to lose any teeth!) and the T'FARGE Comfort Mask from OneTigris is an affordable, licensed version of the Division S.I.X T'FARGE Comfort Mask. It's breathable, has a TPU portion protecting the nose/teeth, and has padded sides to take the sting out of any shots to the grid.

Read my full review of the OneTigris T'FARGE Comfort Mask here

Airsofters LOVE patches and the new 'Insane Jane' patch from EG is a great addition to any collection or kit! It is manufactured from PVC so it'll stand the test of time and look great on a jacket or plate carrier.

The Acetech blaster unit is a must-have for any CQB player! Tracer units illuminate green tracer BBs so players can easily see where the BB travels and when they hit another player, but this tracer unit does something a little special! It also has a flame mode that uses LEDs to emit light on firing that mimics the muzzle flash of a real firearm.

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