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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another review for you, and in this one, we’ll be looking at an airsoft gun that I recently featured on my Instagram, the EMG Falkor Blitz Compact 2.0 with the CRS Butt Stock!

Let’s start by looking at the external build! The Falkor Blitz Compact 2.0 from EMG has a metal upper and lower Billet style receiver that has a ‘firearm grade external finish, the new FALKOR Free-Float 11.5 MLOK Handguard which has space for the player to add MLOK rail segments to allow the attachment of torches, PEQ boxes lasers and other accessories. It also has a 20mm Picatinny rail that follows the length of the handguard and receiver for optics and it has an aggressive styled Dracos muzzle brake. On the EMG Falkor Blitz, almost all controls are ambidextrous including the magazine catch, bolt release, short throw fire selector, and the Falkor Mach 15 Ambi-charging handle. Adding to the build, there is a straight trigger and a flared magwell grip that has ridges on the front for added grip.

Internally the Falkor Blitz Compact has a Silver Edge gearbox by APS that has been designed to be reliable and offer the player huge upgrade potential. The newest version of the Silver Edge gearbox has been named the eSilver Edge and is an improved version of the original. It has the newly developed advanced Super Dynamic Unit (S.D.U) chipset that monitors the amperage draw from shot to shot and can cut the power to the gearbox if the current spikes too high, preventing damage to the internals. The new eSilver Edge gearbox also features a micro switch trigger which works together with the S.D.U. for an almost instantaneous trigger response. In addition to the reinforced internal parts, the gearbox shell itself has been reinforced to withstand the stress of up to an M190 spring. It also has a long type high torque performance motor and an adjustable hop-up. It’s worth noting that this gearbox is compatible with a lot of Tokyo Marui Spec upgrade parts. Another thing to note is that this AEG is rear wired to a DEAN's connector, it doesn’t have a MOSFET as standard so a 7.4v Lipo is more than suitable. 

I think aesthetically, the EMG Falkor Blitz Compact 2.0 is a stunning AEG. The muzzle brake, MLOK handguard and CRS stock give it an aggressive, modern look and the ‘Falkor Grey’ colour is unique - in some lights, it looks more of a bronze colour, and in others, it looks more gunmetal grey. It is eye-catching. I’m not sure exactly what ‘firearms finish’ it has but it is sleek and consistent.

Now, let’s chat about how usable it is and how it performs. It functions the same as other airsoft AEGs - just plug a battery in, throw some BBs in a mag and go! As this version of the Falkor Blitz has the CRS Stock, it is quite tight on space in the battery compartment. The battery compartment is located in the stock, although it looks like a screw cap at the back, there is a pin in the stock that is removable and once that is out, the panel on the top of the stock can be lifted off. It took a little bit of wiggling to get my chosen battery in but it wasn’t overly difficult. It does come with a high capacity magazine but we know it works with Matrix, G&G, Tokyo Marui and PTS EPM magazines. I used the magazine supplied and it shot consistently at 335 FPS on 0.2g BBs. I didn’t suffer any misfeeds or jams but I did notice the cycle was a little slow when on semi - as a personal preference I like a quicker cycle so more shots can be fired consecutively, as I play a lot of CQB. It had good groupings when fired on full auto. If I were to use this regularly I think I would want to upgrade some parts and maybe add a MOSFET just to give it some extra oomph. I uploaded range test to both Instagram and TikTok, check them out to see a short vid of how it performed.

In the box you get the EMG Falkor Blitz Compact 2.0 with CRS Butt Stock, a high capacity magazine and the manual. From it retails for £399.99. You can use my code 'femmefatale21' for 5% off!

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