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Welcome back to the blog! Following on from the Stocking Fillers for Airsofters post I published last week, this week I'm looking at Christmas gifts for the airsofters in your life! Whether you have no idea about airsoft but your lady, fella, relative or teammate is into it and you need some guidance or if you're an airsofter yourself and you just need some ideas for a gift they'd love, there's something on this list for every budget!

The Bifrost Tracer Unit from ACETECH has been a hot topic in the airsoft community over the last couple of weeks - it is the first airsoft tracer that gives us rainbow BB trails! I'm not kidding - search this badboy on YouTube and see what I mean! It has 11 modes: 7 x Mono color (so you can have pink or blue or orange BB trails etc), RGB multilayer, Bifrost, Dynamic and Demo. The Bifrost also simulates muzzle flash - a flame effect when a BB passes through to add a hint of realism and it supports standard BBs, Green tracer BBs, Gel BBs (for our gelsofter friends in NZ)

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me wearing this chest rig and using these inserts - the Chest Rig has 1 x admin pouch for IFAK kit or tools, 4 x built-in pistol mag pouches for most pistol mags with adjustable flaps plus an open-top customisable main compartment for hook-&-loop mag inserts of which 2 double mag inserts included for AR rifle or 5.56 NATO mags are included. The chest rig has loads of space and even some extra protection on the front of the rig (which is removable too) - making this a great option for using both indoors and outdoors. It's worth noting that the inserts can be used in any rig that has a customisable compartment with hook & loop such as the Spiritus MK3 and the Viper VX Chest Rig.

Slings are a great addition to any airsoft kit and the Viper VX sling is an affordable solution to a gucci looking sling - it has a quick-adjust pull system for a fast transition, 2 x Removable snap clips, is fully adjustable and attaches to the weapon via 2 points.

The QUAKE 8 is the 7-shot impact grenade from Tectonic Innovations! It has a simple bobblehead design and is constructed from stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum so that the device can be reused reliably. It has a built-in safety mechanism and features a twist to activate safety.

It fits in a standard 40mm holster and is the perfect fit for the Deadly Customs 40mm holster. This reusable airsoft grenade is perfect for the airsofter in your life that plays CQB! You can save 5% on the Extreme Airsoft website with my code 'femmefatale21'. Read my full review of the QUAKE 8 here

The Large Rifle Case from Nuprol is a hard rifle case that features 4 latches to keep the case shut, a carry handle, wheels on one end and a handle on the other for easy transportation and 2 padlock holes on front edge for when you need to securely lock the case for international travel. This version has pick and pluck foam which means you can customise the case to your loadout for added security. This link is for the black case but it's available in 3 other colours (some are cheaper too!) You can read my review from when these were released here! You can save 5% on the Extreme Airsoft website with my code 'femmefatale21'

The ONETIGRIS PLPC is constructed from 500D Nylon with polymer buckles making it durable equipment carrying option for airsoft, paintball, wargame, hunting, shooting, training, or other outdoor activities.
It comes with a front magazine pouch with upper pockets for three pistol mags and a lower pouch for three M4 magazines with top bungee to secure them. It has 360 MOLLE webbing so it's easy to expand the carrying capacity of the vest. It also has detachable EVA padding inside for double protection that can be replaced.

 The Vortex Crossfire is super-light, ultra-compact, insanely-fast-on-target, incredibly durable and has Vortex's lifetime VIP warranty! The daylight-bright, 2-MOA dot, is easy to acquire and promotes rapid engagement of targets, yet is fine enough to more precisely engage targets at distance. It has 11 intensity levels of brightness let shooters cater the dot intensity to the situation at hand. Skeletonised mount offers two height options – lending its functionality to AR-15’s, shotguns, and pistols.

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