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Welcome back to the blog! For the first review of March I’m looking at the Specna Arms SA-B12 AEG from Gunfire

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know I’ve reviewed a few guns from the Specna Arms range of AEGs and the SA-B12 is another M4 replica in this affordable line of AEGs. This model, like many of the others in the SA range is made mostly from a zinc/aluminium alloy and reinforced with steel parts which includes all the screws, pins and sling swivels! The most notable outward feature of the SA-B12 is the 8”, modular, keymod handguard. The handguard has a 22mm top RIS rail for sights etc (there’s a set of Ironsights included in the box), a polymer pistol grip and an adjustable stock with an anti-slip texture on the stock butt that houses the battery. It also has a standard flash hider that is mounted on a 14mm, left-hand thread. The body has been anodised and powder coated which gives this AEG more corrosion and abrasion resistance. The body has USMC markings in white which add to the look of the replica. In my review images I'm using a PTS EPM1 but there is a steel magazine included in the box that has complimentary markings to the body.

As for internals, the gearbox is reinforced with a steel mainspring guide on the cylinder head which is the element of the Enter & Convert system. There is a type 2 cylinder and a steel breaker and a metal hop-up chamber. The upgraded version is also equipped with some new, improved internal parts including a set of reinforced steel gears, a steel spring guide, lightweight, polymer piston, aluminium, sealed piston head and metal cylinder head. The Enter & Convert system allows the user to rapidly change the spring to upgrade or downgrade the FPS without the need for any specialist tools or equipment.

The SA-B12 is fully compatible with LiPo/LiFe and also Lithium iOn batteries, I did need to have it downgraded by the team at Gunfire before shipping, as the stock spring chrono’s around 410 FPS which is too hot for UK airsoft sites. There is an M90 spring included in the box, which allows the FPS to be lowered to around 310 FPS.

How is it to use? It has a good weight to it, but it isn’t too heavy which makes it feel sturdy. There’s no wobble and overall it does feel very durable. I think the aesthetics are good for the price, however, the only thing I didn’t particularly like about the SA-B12 was the stock it came with out of the box as it felt a little low end, however, it is comfortable to shoulder and given the price point of the AEG, it is understandable. Although we can’t play at the moment due to the national lockdown in England I did take it on a shooting course to get a feel for it. It’s a nice size to move around a tight CQB site, isn’t too heavy and shot consistently on both semi and full-auto firing modes.

At the moment it’s out of stock on the Gunfire website however it retails for €239,30 which is (at the time of writing) £207.55 which is a great budget-friendly price point!

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