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Welcome back to the blog! Today I have another first impression for you in collaboration with and in this blog post, we’ll be looking at the Fast Chest Rig II PLUS by Primal Gear! 

The Fast Chest Rig II PLUS is a Chest Rig that has been constructed from Cordura fabric to provide a durable and comfortable method of carrying for airsofters that features three open AR15 / AK pouches with (one of my favourite features of the rig) integrated polymer inserts to stabilise the pouches. On the sides of the rig, there are two single pouches for pistol magazines or essentials such as a multitool/flashlight and the front pouch opens up to reveal an organiser inside. The front pouch also has a hook and loop panel so users can attach patches. The PLUS version of the rig features an additional pouch as well - a dangler that has a removable organiser perfect for cylindrical items such as batteries or shotgun shells. This pouch is removable and can be attached to this or another vest using the hook and loop fastener. 

The rig has completely adjustable crossover straps - and are easy to adjust. What I find with some chest rigs that aim to be ‘completely adjustable’ is that they don’t really adjust small enough for women and younger players. In my experience with the Fast Chest Rig II PLUS, this isn’t the case - it adjusted small enough for me to wear it comfortably over my UBAC (for reference I’m 5”4 and wear a UK size 8/10). The adjustability of the rig also means that during cold weather I could also wear it comfortably over a hoodie or softshell. It sits nicely on my chest and protects my abdominal region, the dangler pouch also helps protect the top portion of my pelvic area. As it’s a chest rig it doesn’t offer much protection for your back so I wouldn’t wear the rig as is for CQB, but the back of the vest has hook and loop velcro so it can be attached to a plate carrier. This is definitely how I would wear it for CQB, and is a nice little feature that increases the usability of the rig. 

The retention of the pouches is fantastic and the polymer inserts mean it is easy to reindex magazines if you don’t have a dump pouch - with other chest rigs I own I’ve had to purchase these inserts separately so I think it’s great value that these are included. The pistol mag pouches also have great retention and as I mentioned earlier are versatile in what they can carry! The front pouch and dangler pouches both have ample storage space. The front pouch is flatter so I think this would be perfect for storing documents, intel and other flat items such as packs of primers, whilst the dangler pouch expands a little more - I would potentially use this for any med supplies or more bulky items! 

Are there any changes/improvements I would make to the vest? Although I haven’t had a chance to use this in a game yet, yes - I do see one improvement I would make, as with everything there is always something that can be improved on a product. I would love to see this rig have open pistol mag pouches with the same polymer inserts - whilst it is great the current pouches can fit a variety of kit like torches and multitools, I’m not a fan of paracord. 

The rig is available from the Gunfire website (here) in MultiCam, Grey, Olive, Tan/Coyote and Black. The rig is currently on sale, with the MultiCam version that I have priced at €47,10 (which is around £40 at the current exchange rate).

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