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Welcome back to the blog! Way back in November 2020 when we were still allowed to play airsoft, I played at one of my favourite haunts - the Department CQB and unfortunately broke my tracer unit (F in chat). Since then I’ve been in the market for a new tracer unit but hadn’t seen anything that really tickled my fancy until I saw the WoSport Spitfire Tracer Unit from Extreme Airsoft.

The WoSport Spitfire Tracer Unit is a tracer unit that not only lights up tracer BBs but also aims to replicate Muzzle flash with 3 forward-facing LEDs, it is designed to be used with airsoft pistols and rifles. The LEDs on the unit produce an orange fire-like flash for every BB fired. It brings an element of realism to airsoft AEGs and pistols but when this tracer unit is used on a GBBR however, the gas escaping the barrel makes the flash look even more impressive and realistic.

What exactly are tracer units? For those who are unfamiliar with tracer units, they are small battery-powered devices that attach to the outer barrel of an airsoft pistol or rifle and produce a flash of light as the BB passes through it to illuminate glow in the dark or ‘tracer’ BBs. Once the light ‘charges’ the BB, it comes out of the unit glowing either green or red (depending on the unit and BBs) which makes it easier to identify the direction of travel and hits on targets. On full-auto, a stream of tracer BBs looks like a laser beam. They’re a favourite for players who play CQB and during night ops.

The housing is made from metal and has a graphic of a pig breathing fire in white on one side, on the other side it says ‘TRACER’ and its country of manufacture. It has an 11mm CW thread and comes with a 14mm CCW thread adapter, which expands its compatibility. The unit itself is also super light, weighing in at 74g meaning it is suitable for both pistols and rifles. Its compact size means it can be installed inside some suppressors and also hidden inside rail systems. It is powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery inside the housing which is recharged by a micro USB. On a full charge, it can provide 4 hours of use time. It has an illuminated on/off switch that also functions as the battery status indicator which will pulse red when charging. On the box, it says that it has been tested up to and can sustain 35 RPS and it does have a built-in motion sensor to turn itself off after long periods of inactivity.

It comes in a well-presented box that doesn’t feel flimsy - which I think would be great for storing it when not in use. In the box, it comes with a 14mm CCW adapter and a USB charging cable (although you can use any). To get started, you need to twist the end with the LED windows off to connect the micro USB to charge it - once you plug it in, it will pulse red until done. It does come with some charge but it’s always best to use it fully charged. It’s easy to attach with the adapter - I tested it on the GHK G5 because I wanted to test it on a GBBR so I could capture the gas escaping (this was harder to caption than I thought it would be!). On use I was impressed with the flash, and it performed flawlessly in a dark environment. To my surprise, the flash was also quite bright in daylight (see the first pic in the review) meaning you could, if you wanted, use this in lighter conditions. It has two modes - tracer and tracer with flash so if you wanted something more stealthy ie without the flash you still have that option. Although it’s not the smallest tracer unit I’ve ever used, it is by far my favourite. The muzzle flash isn’t so realistic that it could be confused with a real muzzle flash but it does look f*cking cool, and that’s all we really want as airsofters, isn’t it? Overall, I think this is a cool bit of kit to have and definitely something to consider if you play a lot of indoor games!

From Extreme Airsoft it retails for £69.99 (you can use my code ‘femmefatale’ for 5% off!)

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