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Welcome back to the blog! I hope you’re safe and well! Today I’m back with another tactical AK review and this time we’re looking at the G&G Armament GT Advanced RK74-CQB from Extreme Airsoft

All the way back in 2016, G&G released the RK74 line of AKs that consists of the CQB, E and T variants. In 2017, I reviewed the G&G GT Advanced RK74-T and whilst I enjoyed using this tactical AK, it was a bit long/heavy for my needs as a CQB player. Fast forward to 2021 and I’ve got my hands on the RK74-CQB variant and after running it on the Extreme Airsoft speed course I can now give you my thoughts on this airsoft AEG. 

Firstly let’s chat about how it looks! The G&G RK74-CQB is constructed from mostly metal - it has an alloy flash hider/amplifier, rail/handguard and an alloy receiver. The pistol grip, stock and magazine are all made from a lightweight polymer. It has a 7” keymod handguard that features top and bottom 20mm RIS rails and it also has the G&G GOS-V2 M4 stock which has a storage compartment for batteries and a rubber butt plate for comfort when shouldering the weapon.

In regards to internals, it is capable of Semi, 3 Round Burst (thanks to the preinstalled MOSFET) and full-auto firing modes. Alongside the MOSFET, it also features G&G’s ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) which gives you a better trigger response. Meaning it’s faster and prevents the gearbox from locking on single shot - which is good news for those of us who play at strictly single shot sites! To change the Full Auto Fire mode to Three Round Burst you simply have to switch the selector to Semi-Auto Made and hold the Trigger for 10 Seconds. I chrono’d this weapon on 0.2g BB and it varied between a respectable 342-346 FPS. It has a linear hop-up unit (which I actually prefer to a rotary style hop-up) that can be accessed by the ambidextrous charging handle and it is front-wired to mini-Tamiya. The battery compartment has quite roomy which opens up battery options, and it has a hinge to open/close which makes it so much easier to battery up than a regular AK! As it has a built-in MOSFET I used an 11.1mAh Lipo. 

What about its field performance? It’s MUCH smaller than the T variant so this compact AEG was a dream to put through the speed course. It’s also a lot lighter so wasn’t as taxing as it’s lengthy counterpart. It fired consistently with no issues on both semi and full auto mode. Overall I think it’s a great rifle for the price, if I could change anything about it, I would probably update the rail to an MLOK rail system to update the look.

From Extreme Airsoft the RK74-CQB is £299.99 but you can use my code ‘femmefatale’ for a 5% discount.

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