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Welcome back to the blog! We’re smashing through the reviews at the moment and today I’m back with another airsoft AEG review! Last week I unboxed the KWA KAIJU 47 from Extreme Airsoft (you can check out the unboxing here!) and although we aren’t able to play at the moment, I have tested this out on the target course at Extreme so I can give you my thoughts on this unique looking airsoft gun.

The KWA KAIJU 47 is a special limited edition of the KWA RONIN 47 in collaboration with KAIJU017 - a street clothing brand that is inspired by Japanese and streetwear culture that has brought an aggressive and disruptive vibe to the RONIN 47. It has a 7″ MLOK handguard, a PDW 'Tanker' stock, KWA’s new “Cutter” muzzle brake and a paddle-style magazine release. It also has a tuneable speed Trigger. One of the most notable features of the KAIJU 47 is the cerakoting - each part of the rifle is a different shade of gold/bronze and it is adorned with graphic writing. Now I’m not a fan of the gold on the mag or stock, I think it’s quite a tacky colour but the more I look at it, the more I like the gun as a whole. The rail and upper receiver are metal, and the lower receiver is an Aluminium mix - this at first confused me - there isn’t much information on the KWA website about the materials used and at first touch, it doesn’t feel like metal. It also has the PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip and the Enhanced Back-Up Ironsights.

In my unboxing video comment section, a subscriber told me to look at the fire selector as the modes are marked as ‘endtimes’ rather than semi and ‘doomsday’ rather than full-auto. I think this is a nice touch!

Let’s chat about the internals! Like many of the other KWA Ronin range, it has the AEG 2.5 gearbox, the VPS system - the Variable Performance System - that enables the player to adjust the FPS with the use of a tool (which is included in the box) and most notably a GATE TITAN MOSFET, which gives you the option to adjust trigger sensitivity, pre-cocking boost, fire selector mode, burst mode, rate of fire and it also provides a low battery warning and battery protection. 

The KAIJU 47 can be powered by either a NiMh or LiPo/LiFe battery and it’s wired to Deans (also known as a T Plug) for a more reliable connection. Like most PDW style stocks the battery space is limited straight out of the box, but the Airtech TBEU Tanker Battery Extension is compatible with the KAIJU 47 and is available from Extreme as well which will give you more room and make it easier to battery up. Even with the battery extension, the Titan Power batteries are a tight fit but will fit at a push. There are of course other brands such as Nuprol who make batteries that do fit. Although the lack of battery space isn’t a huge issue, it is something to be aware of.

In the box, it comes with one proprietary KWA RN47 120 round magazine which is cerakoted in the same gold shade as the stock, a link for the GATE Titan and a tool to adjust the VPS system along with all the necessary paperwork.

Now since I haven’t been able to skirmish the KAIJU 47 due to lockdown 3.0, I instead chose to run it through the speed course we created at Extreme Airsoft. I don’t think that range testing an airsoft gun is enough for an accurate review - you need to run around with it, reload it, manoeuvre it to see how it would perform in a game. I spent a good couple of hours on the target system and it fired consistently with no issues on both semi and burst mode (I prefer this to full-auto so gave that a whirl instead). It weighs just under 3kg - so it has a nice weight to it but isn’t too testing on the arms. It was also easy to manoeuvre around the course and wasn’t too long even with the stock fully extended.

Photoshoot image - gun is not loaded and has no power source.

As for price, the KWA KAIJU 47 is priced at £649.99, which is considerably more expensive than its counterpart, the RONIN 47 which retails from Extreme Airsoft for £359.99. There are a few reasons for the price difference, the KAIJU 47 is a special limited edition so once they are sold out, they’re gone - this is an item for the collectors out there. It also has a GATE Titan installed already whilst the RONIN 47 does not have a MOSFET as standard.

Check out the KWA KAIJU 47 here and the KWA RONIN 47 here and use code ‘femmefatale’ to save 5%! Post sponsored by Extreme Airsoft

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