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This week we're catching up on my SHOT Show 2019 content, and first up is the highlights from ZShot Inc. 

As many of you will know ZShot Inc. have licensing from Crye Precision to make a couple of different replica options for players who want Crye Precision gear, but at a more affordable price point - currently they make the replica JPC 2.0 and the replica AVS and there's a pretty comprehensive accessories line to go with them! 

Currently the JPC 2.0 comes in black, MultiCam, MultiCam Black, MultiCam Tropic, coyote, ranger green and urban grey and the AVS is available in MultiCam, black, coyote, ranger green and urban grey! The accessories include zip on front and back panels, front flaps, 2 band and 3 band cummerbunds.

In the front flaps there are options for both 5.56 and 7.62mm mags.

In the zip on back panels there are a bunch of different pouch configurations to suit.

The Odin Innovations M12 Transformer speedloader. The Transformer gives players the ability to adapt the Odin to their play style, with the original M12 Speedwinder you needed different adapters for the different types of airsoft magazines as it only came in M4 or AK variants, in the new Transformer, the speedloader is completely customisable and comes with different bottoms including M4, AK, PTW, G36 and MP5 so most airsoft magazines are covered. They have also created different ways of feeding the BBs into the Odin by utilising bottle screws and giving players the ability to screw a bottle directly to the Odin.

You can check out my ZShot Inc. SHOT Show 2019 highlights video below:

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