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Today I have another post in the #SHOTShow2019 series, and in this one we're going to be looking at the releases for 2019 from one of my favourite gear manufacturers - LBX Tactical

This year from LBX Tactical we can expect great things! Whilst I was catching up with my main man Bo, I saw the new Armatus minimap - so the original minimap from LBX wasn’t meant for the Armatus system, but they've taken on the feedback from their customers and this one is and what is really cool about it is that players can stack their other panels on top of the new minimap thanks to the velcro attachments running along the pack. They’ve even made an adaptive velcro panel for those who don’t run an Armatus but want to run the back panels - Yaaaaaas!

One of the main themes for this year was panels! Panels, panels, panels. This year we will see a range of new panels for their Armatus plate carrier! With the popularity of the 9mm SMG such as the Vector and the ARP9, LBX have created an SMG panel to be released later this year, which has 5 x 9mm magazine pouches with bungee cord to keep them secure and it attaches via buckle clips and velcro.

We can also look forward to the new ‘stretch’ panel -  this stretchy piece of kit has 3 x AR magazine pouches that are made from the same stretch fabric that the Armatus stretch cummerbund is. The sample we saw at SHOT was literally hot off the sewing machine so we don’t have a release date or price as of yet but these details will be in ASAP.

Another prototype panel that was debuted at SHOT Show 2019 was the shotgun shell panel - each strip panel has 5 shell holders which are then attached to a full velcro panel meaning shooters can stack them up on the panel and have multiple shells on standby.

The new ‘admag’ however is the one that really caught my eye at the show and that I'm really looking forward to! The front admin pocket opens out to be able to carry medical equipment, navigation equipment, extra magazines (it already has some velcro loops for pistol mags) and it was discovered at SHOT that a magazine can be stored behind the admin panel, increasing the load it is able to comfortably carry.

All the panels will be available in a modular version - think most molle platforms.

If you want to get the deets on all of the ne releases from LBX Tactical, check out my SHOT Show 2019 LBX coverage here:

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  1. Kelly, thanks for the review!

    Just wondering if you were able to find out any information on potential release dates of the minimap?


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