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Welcome back to the blog! So Monday 21st Jan kicked off SHOT Show 2019 with the various range days, I attended the First Spear Range Day for the second consecutive year with my buddy Chris from The Full 9!

We met up at the SLS Las Vegas and jumped on the shuttle bus that drove us out to the range deep in the Nevada desert. Range day for me is always about getting to shoot as much as possible - as it's something that I don't get ample opportunity to do back home and thanks to Triarc Systems, I got to do just that!

Triarc Systems attended the First Spear range with a selection of their Glocks, 1911s, 2011s and some of their AR-15s. As I don't get to shoot pistols very often, I've always been timid around them up until my last trip to the US when my bro Omar from Enola Gaye took me to the Las Vegas Shooting Centre to work on my pistol handling and manipulation - thanks to this I feel a lot more comfortable handling and shooting them. I jumped right in with a .45 1911 with and without an RMS optic, then moved onto 9mm Glocks with and without an RMS optic - I may not have hit much (which you won't if you only shoot pistols twice a year) but I had a blast!

After a hot minute with the handguns, we moved onto the TRIARC ARs, which are the highlight of the range day for me! Rifles are by far my favourite firearm to shoot - especially when they're suppressed!  The TRIARC ARs featured a new handguard which is based on the ZEV M-LOK rails (if you follow my IG page you'll know I have one of these at home waiting to be used in a rifle build - exciting stuff!) They also pimped out their ARs with some sweet Radian charging handles, 45-degree selectors, Geissele triggers, amongst others Gucci bits and bobs. We also got to try out the new Unity Tactical Aimpoint, Inc. mounts, which were a big conversation starter at SHOT Show 2019.

IWI US were also in attendance with a variety of their Tavors and Galils. I've never shot a bull-pup style rifle before so that was pretty fun!

You can check out my YouTube video here:

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