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Today we're carrying on with my #SHOTShow2019 coverage and in this post, we're going to look at what PTS have announced for 2019. PTS have announced a tonne of new products but there are a couple that I was really excited about - The EPM 1 and their new MTEK USA Helmet collaboration - the MTEK Flux!

The Enhanced Polymer Magazines from PTS are, in my opinion, the best on the market, but could they possibly make them any better? Well, with the release of the EPM 1, PTS think they've done just that! It is a collaboration between PTS Syndicate and Odin Innovations - they’ve partnered with Odin on this project to create a midcap magazine that has a functional load indicator - the load indicator begins at the top of the magazine when it’s full and as you go through ammo, it moves down the view window until it eventually reaches the bottom, indicating that the magazine is empty. This means that players will know the condition of their magazines at all times by simply looking at them. The new EPM 1, I've been told can hold 200+ BBs, meaning it carries more than the standard midcap magazines on the market! It is still made from the Dupont Zytel polymer that the original EPMs are made from making it just as durable as its predecessor. It has recessed sides to help with grip and of course an over mould on the bottom of the mag to ease with getting the mag in and out of pouches. Although it looks pretty finished, it still has another round of testing to go before it hits the market, and PTS are aiming to have the EPM 1 on the market later this year. There’s currently no price point announced.

Next up is the MTEK Flux, PTS announced their partnership with MTEK a couple of years ago but this is the first we’ve seen from the collaboration between the two brands - and I couldn't be more excited! The amount of detail that has gone into this sample is insane - it has the smooth texturing that we can expect from ballistic materials (however it should be noted that this helmet isn’t ballistic rated), it has a metal shroud, MLOK rails on both sides of the helmet for attachments and second to none padding on the inside - there are two layers of padding which means it is adjustable. Although there is no date currently, PTS expect this product to be hitting the shelves soon!

To get the deets on all of the new releases from PTS Syndicate, check out my SHOT Show 2019 PTS Syndicate YouTube video here:

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