Introducing my newest guest blogger, Sergeant NRan! (RE-UPLOAD)

UPDATE  - This piece was originally posted weeks ago however it appears something went wrong and the coding looked a little off so I've fixed it and reuploaded it for you all to enjoy.

One of the things I love most about the international airsofting IG community is meeting new airsofters who I would never normally have the pleasure of meeting. My new guest blogger, Sergeant N Ran from Finland has followed this blog and my Instagram account since it went live 8 weeks ago! So when N Ran asked if he could be a guest blogger for me, I jumped at the chance! So here he is:
Hello there fellow Airsoft community folks!
So who the hell am I?
I’m Sergeant N. Ran (yes my military rank when I was serving as Air Force

I’m playing in town called Tampere in southern part of Finland. I’m active local Airsoft association & community member, I’m also semi-serious gearwhore. I post lot of stuff to Instagram under “sergeant_nran”, trying to keep certain visual level there so I hope you enjoy photos. Jump in here:

So what the heck I’m doing here, in Femmefatales blog? I strongly support the better half of the human race, women. We need to have more women in our sport. Same goes for juniors, they are the future of the sport. Our Femme here doesn’t fall into the “junior” category though. Which
reminds me, I also strongly support us folks closing in on midlife crisis. I have got so much from the global Airsoft community in form of reviews, guides, discussion boards, pictures, videos etc. so it’s my turn to try to give fraction of it back. Here it means sharing part of mine & the Finland Airsoft scene with you guys. And support Femmefatale as well. So, I’m going to write some random blog posts from random topics at the future here. Thanks dearest Kelly to let me to do so.

Aaand to the introduction. How did I get to this Airsofting stuff? I got to Airsofting just over three years ago. I’m not so keen on real guns, I rarely go to the range if there’s a possibility to go with good friends, I like guns but real bullets firing are just not my thing. I also – like we all – hate war, it’s the single worst thing human kind has invented. But, I have always been really interested and
fascinated about anything tactical, anything related to military and military technology. I have been practicing all sorts of Air Guns pretty much all my life, lastly practical shooting with highly modified HPA Air Rifles. Something like five years ago I accidently stumbled into my local Airsoft
store, did not know anything about the sport or gear, but maaaan that was a cool shop! Ended up spending like hour there, buying two good blowback Co2 pistols, horrible holsters, some bad gloves and couple of cheapo masks. So what I did for couple of years was basically random plinking and pistol duels with the guys at my cottage. Until, I somehow put “Airsoft Tampere” (Tampere = my hometown) to Google. Realised that this is serious sport and there are lot of people like me, I’m not a lone weirdo feeding the inner tactical child. I bought a good used gun (sweet G36), horrible
cross draw vest, absolutely awful wrong kind of BB’s, some more mistake noobster equipment and so on, started from the bottom so to say.
Soon I found myself hanging with our Airsoft Association “Pirkanmaasoft” guys and having constant flood of gear coming towards my house from different corners of the world. Pretty much everything has changed from those days, except gear flood stays on. I have learned a lot and have done pretty much all the mistakes one can do. At this point, I would say I start to know something about the sport, there’s a lot to learn for years to come though. I have also fallen into the trap (oh what a sweet trap) of Gearwhoring as well, example my Osprey based military issued loadout has taken now almost two years to build.
Airsoft is perfect balance for the hectic work I have, Sunday morning therapy sessions. This has become more than a sport to me, part of lifestyle I would say.
So see you guys. Next time you’re going to hear from me, I’ll be sharing some
snow and cold feelings with you all.
Sergeant Nran

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