Being a female airsofter in a male dominated sport.

Hey everyone!
Here's a blog post I've been planning on doing for a while, a piece about what it's like to be a female airsofter in such a male dominated sport. The shooting game isn't just an old boys club anymore. Women are the fastest growing demographic in shooting sports, these sports include hunting, target shooting, airsoft and archery.
As you all know I belong to the airsofting category and although we are heavily outnumbered by the lads, we are growing in numbers. Since the start of my blog it has been my mission to get more girls into the game and this is something I am hugely passionate about! Now female airsofters are indeed a rare breed, and although we don't ask for any special treatment, because there are so few of us we do face some incredibly varied reactions from the airsoft community.

Now, I have been playing airsoft since 2011, but took a short hiatus until August 2014, so I have been playing regularly for around 6 months - now I don't claim to be an expert on the sport - I'm just a girl who loves to pew pew but I do know a fair bit. Have you ever gone into a video game shop and been asked by an assistant 'Are you looking for your boyfriend/brother/dad?' that's how it feels being a female airsofter sometimes, now most of the Airsoft community is helpful, encouraging and supportive but you do get some class A sexists who will give you unsolicited advice on your gear - like you're incapable of creating a decent loadout by yourself or they act like you have no idea what you want and try to school you with their arm chair degree in Google in the most condescending tone they can muster. Sometimes it also feels like some male airsofters have never seen a woman before, let alone a female softer. After introducing myself on a Facebook group I received over 20 friend requests from random men, 50 messages, 200 likes and 243 comments on the post. A little much? I'd say so haha. Most were being friendly saying hello and being really encouraging etc but you do get a few lads commenting, asking things such as 'Who helped you with your load out?' or 'Why is this one out of the kitchen?', 'Marry me' which are all needless to say, quite off putting! Haha
Then there's a whole other breed of guys - the ones that won't shoot a woman, or tell others to go easy on you. Let me tell you something, I won't go easy on you, for all intents and purposes we're at war and I want to win. If you run at me and decide not to shoot me because I am a girl, I promise you that you will get lit up like a Christmas tree. I want to be treated like an equal so if you can see me, shoot me!

The only other problem I have encountered is catty female airsofters. Now I support all women getting into the sport, so why are some women just so catty towards other women? I have no idea. But as there is so few of us in the sport we should stick together and build each other up but it seems that for some the agenda is to break others down. This cattiness includes receiving abusive messages off other female airsofters or the more subtle of the two, the one who comments on every thread I comment on trying to undermine what I say or to make fun of the fact I love the colour pink. I love pink, get over it ;)

Still, all this doesn't put me off, instead it makes me work harder and push myself more to put to rest the stereotypes and it makes all the great things about being a female airsofter that much better! I have met some great friends through airsoft and there's definitely a sense of camaraderie between our team. The encouragement and support you get is fantastic and the community is more than happy to help with advice about equipment and guns. But that's not the only great thing!
Retailers are finally realising that girls are into this so they are producing more gear and accessories for women. Take the G&G Femme Fatale range of M4s, they are fabulous, so fabulous I brought two! Mechanix have made a set of pink gloves - although we could do with them in a size small for those of us with tiny hands ;) One thing I am really excited about is the collaborations that Wicked Wear Co is producing with some fabulous Slaydies - Unicorn Leah, Airsoft Hasmeen and P90 Girl. It's great to see some tactical gear especially for women! 2015 will be a great year to be a female softer :)

Kelly xo


  1. Hey, love your post and blog! Its great to read about another airsofter who's also in the UK.

    I have been playing airsoft for just under a year and love it! I was introduced by my best friend and played my first game in a CQB site with three guys. One of them did try the whole 'under my wing' thing but after end of the first game I was last member standing and had 5 kills to my name. Since then all the guys in our squad are totally cool and help me out with any problems or questions.

    I do occasionally find that after a game has ended and we're back at base that when I remove the full face mask that a couple of guys have been a bit grumpy they lost to a girl, or just confused that a girl plays at all. I am thankful that at the outdoor site (Apoc in Ashford) is pretty equal players and many of the guys don't treat the girls who do go (max of 5) any differently.

    Thanks for your wishlists and other suggestions, will totally check them out for improving my loadout.


    1. Hi Kat! Sorry about the late reply, I didn't see your comment!
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me, and thank you :) I'm really glad you enjoy reading Femme Fatale Airsoft :D it's greatly appreciated.
      I'm glad to hear the guys at your local site treat you as just another player which is exactly how it should be, we can certainly hold our own! Haha you go girl! I have found girls are much more ruthless in Airsoft! I will check out your local site :)

      Thanks again, have a wonderful evening.

      Kelly xo

  2. This is a very well written post dissecting the mine field that Female Airsofters have to navigate every time they suit up and get out there to play with the men. It is always encouraging to see positive attitudes like yours being added to effort of advocacy and exposure for Women wanting to join the sport. I know my wife has received plenty of choice comments on any number of asinine topics when all she would like to be doing is laying down as much fire as the boys. Thankfully her attitude is very much in line with what you have put forth here — it simply motivates her to get better every time she gets out there and silence the haters with her effort and passion for the game.

    Thank you for being a positive voice and for bringing attention to an issue that, whether we want to admit it or not, is one that women looking to break into the community have to endure. This industry/hobby/sport needs more women who understand the hard knocks that come when you have to deal with the less mature members of the community, then seek to crush the stereotypes, aren't dissuaded by the negative elements, and then let their primary do the talking out on the battlefield.

    Thank you as well for the small plug of Wicked Wear Co.. I know Wicked and I have been very happy to throw our voices behind the effort — it has been an incredible pleasure and supreme honor to lend our talents and platform in the further exposure and continued advocacy for more women in the sport.

    Keep up all of the great work on the blog and the battlefield,

    Cody Saya
    Wicked Wear Co.


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