Domination YouTube upload

Hey everyone! I finally got chance to upload the footage from my domination game at Combat Ready Airsoft in Brailsford, Derbyshire to YouTube! Press play above to give it a cheeky watch.
Although I'm not 100% happy with the quality of the footage - unfortunately my GoPro mount worked its way loose which caused some shake and a knocking noise, which I can only imagine was my precious GoPro repeatedly hitting my helmet as I ran like a headless chicken at the enemy! Haha This issue has since been resolved as I am now rocking a NVG mount, which is very secure. Due to the distance between me and the enemy players, I've added hit markers to the footage which corresponds with enemy players announcing their hits. There is also a couple of bleeps due to a couple of rude words! These are things I will bear in mind for my next videos. I am planning to upload my new CQB footage next week, so keep an eye out for that! :D I'd also like to point out (due to some miserable git giving my video a thumbs down - without leaving any constructive criticism of course) that I am a complete beginner at editing videos and I am learning all the time. Please be kind :)
The game of Domination is where two teams compete to hold the majority of flags in the game area under their control. During our game there was 5 flags that we had to fight to gain control of, the two you see captured in the footage were only two of the ones we captured.
Hope you enjoy!
-Kelly xo

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