Femme Fatale Loadout

Hey everyone! Kelly here, I've had a lot of questions about my current load out, so I thought I'd do a post about it and at the same time, do a little piece about my new G&G Armament GR4 Black Rose, pink tactical bag, pink gun bag, my pump action short shotty and my WE gen 4 Glock 18C which I got for my birthday. Lots of goodies :D
So here's me at Combat Ready Airsoft 'Barracks' on Sunday 11th January! Let's talk about the camo. On the top, I wear a Multicam UBAC, a multicam soft shell style jacket (with added foam in the arms for added protection and a multicam plate carrier with my call sign printed on the back! On the bottom I wear British Multi Terrain Pattern trousers, this is because it's a bit darker and the pattern is more concentrated, just like woodland terrain. Pretty basic, staple pieces which form a good basis for any load out, in my opinion :)
I would also like to get a black multicam set for CQB, so this is definitely on my wishlist. I also enjoy adding a *dash* of colour to my load outs - many of you who follow me on Instagram will know my favourite colour well! Here's the link in case you aren't already a follower: www.instagram.com/femmefataleairsoft
In this picture I'm rocking a pink Shemagh which protects my neck nicely, touch wood I've never been shot in the neck without adequate protection, nor do I ever want too! Haha I'm also sporting a pair of HK army competition sniper gloves (which were my sisters but I have commandeered them because they were a little too big for her tiny hands ;) If you're reading this Stace - love you! lol) They offer great protection and mobility for your trigger fingers.
Next we move onto face protection, I'm currently running a Nuprol WE Fast Helmet with an NVG mount for my GoPro Hero 3 White Edition, mesh goggles for eye pro (I also have perspex, vented ballistic goggles but I find mesh goggles more comfy and they never fog) and a wire mesh, half face mask - I've seen too many teeth shot out to risk having mine go the same way! I also have braces so as you can imagine - I don't want to go through two years of treatment to lose a tooth!

I have two primary weapons which I switch between - my G&G FF26 Pink Storm and GR4 Black Rose, they are the same gun but in different colourways. I am more leaning towards my Black Rose because there is a greater amount of attachments and accessories for black guns, the baby pink of the FF26 is a hard colour to match. My GR4 is currently rocking a G&G Femme Fatale mock suppressor, Heckler & Koch eyelet iron sights and a Sure Fire Tactical scout torch. I have decided  not to do a written review of my GR4 because I have already written a review on the FF26.

Let's talk about my Christmas/birthday goodies!
For Christmas I received a pink tactical bag, a pink gun bag and a short pump action shotgun! Although I was originally bought a 3 shot pump action shotgun, the single shot short shotty is easier for me to load and carry around. I love the pump action feature - no batteries and gas definitely make it an easy gun to operate.
For my birthday I brought a WE Gen 4 Glock 18C from Crafty's Airsoft in Derby - you can visit them here: http://www.craftysairsoft.co.uk/
What can I say? It's amazing! I've been looking for a small, full auto pistol that has some weight behind it for a while now and this WE Glock fits the bill perfectly. It even has interchangeable grips and the upgrade possibilities are plentiful! The full auto feature is to die for and I honestly feel a little bad for whoever next encounters me at CQB when I'm wielding this haha The Nuprol 4.0 Black gas packs a punch and makes it sound awesome.

My other Christmas presents include NCS VISM tac bag and a rifle case, they are gorgeous, match and have plenty of storage space for all the gear I take to a game. Info for them and pictures can be found on Zero One Airsoft's site!

The NCS VISM Operators Field Bag in pink can be seen/purchased here: http://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=8441
The NCS VISM 42" Rifle Case can be seen/purchased here:

Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for my new CQB video coming to my YouTube channel this week and another blog post from yours truly!

- Kelly xo

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