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Welcome back to the blog! This week I got my hands on a pistol that has just arrived at Extreme Airsoft - the EMG Archon Firearms Type B! As we’re finally back playing in the UK I took this along to my latest game day.

Until I saw this replica in the store I was unaware of the firearms manufacturer Archon Firearms but here’s some background info on them: whilst Archon Firearms is a relatively new name within the industry, their history goes back to Arsenal Firearms and the development of the STRIKE ONE pistol. “Unhappy with the then available offerings in the striker-fired, polymer-framed pistol market, the STRIKE ONE with the AF-Speedlock barrel locking system was developed. This new system takes a departure away from the venerable Browning tilting barrel design with a cam-activated, floating locking block system. Fast forward and the STRIKE ONE was reimagined as the Archon Type B and re-built from the ground up under Archon Firearms to better cater to shooting enthusiasts” The airsoft version of this pistol has been manufactured by EMG, who is well known amongst airsofters thanks to their STI/TTI Licensed John Wick 3 Combat Master.

The EMG Archon Type B is a slimmed-down, compact gas blowback pistol that features a CNC machined aluminium slide with serrations at the front and rear, a slide lightening cut, and officially licensed Archon Firearms trademarks. The frame is made from heavy-duty fibre reinforced polymer and has aggressive slip-resistant texturing, an oversized trigger guard, reversible magazine release and an accessory rail that can be used to mount a variety of lights and lasers. It is an accurate 1:1 replica of its real-world counterpart. Internally, it has an adjustable hop and a three-stage recoil spring.

It comes well packaged in a green/grey box with the Archon Firearms logo on it. Inside, there is the Archon Type B gas blowback pistol, a 19-round gas magazine and a certificate of authenticity. When it’s in your hands it has a nice weight to it thanks to the aluminium slide and it feels well balanced. It is a great looking handgun - the serrations and aggressive texturing give it a futuristic vibe and the shape vaguely reminds me of an HK45. One of my favourite features on the Archon Type B is the texturing on the pistol grip - although it can be harsh on bare hands, whilst wearing gloves it is really grippy and gives you a feeling of security whilst holding it.

The magazine is easy to load and has a positive click when inserted into the magwell. It has an ultra-low bore axis which helps with the lever effect and perceived recoil. The term ‘high/low bore axis’ refers to the position of the barrel of the handgun in relation to the shooter’s hand - low bore means the bore of the gun is as close to the top of the shooter’s hand as possible. This also makes it very comfortable to use. It is capable of firing off shots in rapid succession and it performs well - there were no misfires or gas venting during use.

The only thing I’m not keen on, on the EMG Archon Type B is the 19 round magazine - whilst I understand its lower than average capacity is due to its compact size, I would to see some extended magazines released. Of course, you can just carry more magazines (which in turn means more reloads). The magazine release also got a little stuck whilst I was reloading however this is easing off with use.

At Extreme Airsoft, the EMG Archon Firearms Type B is currently on sale for £179.99 (usual price of £194.99) and can be two-toned if you don’t have a defence. I think sub £200 for a fully licensed pistol is a reasonable price. You can use the code 'femmefatale' for 5% discount on the Extreme Airsoft website. It's worth noting that Deadly Customs will be manufacturing a kydex holster for this pistol.

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