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Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m back with another review and in this one, we’ll be looking at the Primal Gear Waist Bag from

The Waist Bag by Primal Gear is a tactical waist bag designed with carrying capacity and end-user comfort in mind! It has been manufactured from 500D Cordura - a durable and utilitarian fabric that we see a lot of tactical kit made from. It features a large main compartment with an internal pocket and a drainage hole, a small external pocket with a buckle closure, a front pocket with an internal mesh compartment, a flat front pocket that has a rectangle of loop velcro, a phone pouch that is attached using MOLLE / PALS webbing and has a D-ring and it also has MOLLE on the top and back so its carrying capacity can be expanded with more pouches. It can either be used as a waist bag and fastened with the buckle strap or it can be attached to a Plate Carrier or belt using the MOLLE at the back.

It is bigger than your average tactical fanny pack which in my opinion gives it more usability and applications from the range, travelling, dog walking and hiking. The construction is sound - with straight, uniform stitching and the material feels of good quality. The edges of the buckle closure pouch and front flap are also reinforced. The zippers have paracord pulls on them so it is easy to open/close even with gloves on and the main compartment has a lining that feels water-resistant (I can’t find any official information on this fabric so I’m hesitant to say waterproof) making this a good all-weather bag. The waist strap is also completely adjustable and adjusts to accommodate most body types.

As I haven’t run a Multicam load-out in a game yet (it is coming, don’t worry!), so I used it during one of my range testing days at my local site. As it’s really spacious, I managed to load it up with ‘essentials’ including 3 M4 magazines, an Odin speed-loader, a QUAKE8 grenade, 2 packs of .209 primers, tools and gloves. It really is a Mary Poppins tactical fanny pack! I am really impressed with it’s carrying capacity.

I’ve also been using the Primal Gear Waist Bag on dog walks and hikes. As summer approaches I want to be fully confident in Dexter’s recall so we can go on loads of adventures so this bag has been a great tool for recall and off-leash training. The bottom of the main compartment expands so I can fit his portable water bottle and his 10m recall training lead which does take up a lot of space due to the thickness of the material and the length, the buckle-closure pouch is great for keeping doggy bags and the front pouch has plenty of space for treats/kibble. I like the addition of the D-ring on the detachable phone pouch as it lets me attach his clicker.

Unfortunately, the phone pouch is too small for my iPhone 11 Pro Max so the chances are it would be too small for a lot of the latest iPhone/Android phones out there. As my phone doesn’t fit in this compartment when I use it my phone goes into the internal pocket in the main compartment. This is the only problem I’ve found with it so far, however, I do want to revisit this review once I have had the chance to run it at my next MultiCam event!

The Waist Bag by Primal Gear is available from the Gunfire website for €28,40 however at the time of writing this review it was out of stock. 

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    I have the same bag and I think that she's one of the best.
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