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I regularly get asked the question 'what grenade would you recommend for...' so I thought I'd put together a little Tectonic Innovations pyro guide so you can make an informed choice about what reusable grenade is right for you, your play style and the sites you regularly play at. As the ATOM is discontinued, we'll be skipping that one and be starting with the NEUTRON:


The NEUTRON is the newest grenade in the Tectonic Innovations line of products! It is a single-shot impact grenade that has been crafted from Stainless steel and aircraft-grade Aluminium for longevity and durability. It uses a 209 primer as its munition. It features a ‘twist to safe’ mechanism and locking pins for the fire and safe positions.

The most notable feature on the NEUTRON is the 2 windows that are on the base of the grenade - these take 40mm glow sticks (think the fishing float ones) to make it easy to find in dark places. Once the little glow sticks are cracked you can insert them into the window spaces and they’ll glow for a good few hours. So if you regularly play dark CQB sites and are concerned about finding it in the dark, these simple glow sticks really make a difference.

Like the Quake 8, all of the internal parts of the NEUTRON are replaceable, so if anything should ever go wrong with your ‘nade instead of replacing the entire unit (for £69.99) you can simply replace the part - this works out much cheaper for the end-user. Most parts are available from dealers but if they’re out of stock they are available direct from Tectonic Innovations. The customer service at Tectonic is fantastic. The NEUTRON is manufactured in the UK as well so no long waiting times for parts.

 The NEUTRON is definitely the most sensitive grenade in the collection. It is designed for CQB but will go off on grass as long as it is quite solid ground.

The NEUTRON retails for £69.99 and is available from all Tectonic Innovations dealers, including Extreme Airsoft. You can also use my 'femmefatale' code for 5% off at Extreme.


The QUAKE 8 from Tectonic Innovations is THE 7 shot blank firing grenade. It’s made from CNC’d stainless steel that discharges .209 multipurpose primers. It has a safe position (so it doesn’t discharge when it shouldn’t - think when it’s being stored, or transported. No one needs a .209 going off in their kit bag!) And 7 firing positions. The way to prime/arm it is that you unscrew the base, load the primers up into the base, screw back on (so the firing pin is in the safe position) and then when you want to use it, twist the base to one of the firing positions and throw. When you retrieve your ‘nade you can simply put it back into safe and store it or move it to another firing position to throw again.

What I think is a great feature/selling point of the QUAKE 8 is that all of the parts are replaceable like the NEUTRON, so if anything should ever go wrong with your ‘nade instead of replacing the entire unit (for £134.99) you can simply replace the part - this works out much cheaper for the end-user.

The QUAKE 8 retails for around £134.99, so it is an investment but if you're a player that plays a lot of hard hitting CQB this is a grenade for you to consider, As it's re-usable you can use it up to 7 times per load cycle it's a great tool for clearing room after room and building after building!

There are other grenades in the works from Tectonic Innovations that I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on when they're released!

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