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Welcome back to the blog! Following on from my Ranger Green belt set-up, today we have my MultiCam belt setup.

Like my RG set-up, the base of this set-up is a TMC 1.75" Tactical Belt in MultiCam (that has black accent Molle). This belt has a Cobra buckle - not rated like the AustriAlpin buckles are, but it is more than durable enough for airsoft. It has an inner belt that is included that is loop velcro (the soft Velcro) that goes through your belt loops. The outer MOLLE belt that is lined with Hook Velcro (the rough Velcro) attaches onto the inner belt - the benefit of this is you can load your belt up with your pouches and holster without needing to take them off every time you can take the belt off/put it on. I purchased my belt from eBay, you can check it out here.

As I use this belt with a variety of different pistols, for my holster, I have my trusty Warrior Assault Systems Universal Holster (which I think I purchased from UK Tactical alllllll the way back in 2015). This holster has held up really well over the years and has accommodated most of the pistols I've used in that time. It's really easy to adjust. You simply adjust it by way of a velcro closure - pull it open, place the pistol in the holster, tighten and it's good to go! The pistol is secured by the molded composite internal housing and is released by pressing the push down thumb release. The main attraction of this holster is its capability of accepting a wide variety of pistols - it won't accept anything too large like a Desert Eagle so that's something to take into consideration . My pistols sit securely in the holster with no wobble or rattle and there's no chance of an accidental discharge. The thumb release is quite snappy and allows for a quick draw. Whilst this can be used with a mock suppressor or a tracer unit, it won't accept a pistol with a torch on it so be sure to remove them before use.

Next, up in the set-up, we have 2 Esstac KYWI 9mm pistol mag pouches in MultiCam. These are simple mag pouches made from double layer 1000D Cordura that have a polymer insert that makes mags easy to pop in and out, and helps with retention. These are a new bit of kit for me ( purchased during our many national lockdowns) and I'm impressed with the quality! They attach using malice clips, which are included. I purchased mine from Tactical Kit, here.

Next up is a Blue Force Gear Frag pouch (old style), which is also made from 1000D Cordura, Molle compatible and has a clip closure so the grenade is stored securely and quietly until it is ready to be used. This pouch is perfect for the EG67 clay frag grenades. It is discontinued as it is the old style but I found it is still available from this retailer here.

Moving on, we have the Deadly Customs Baofeng UV5R Radio Kydex Holster. This Kydex radio holder fits the Baofeng UV5R perfectly and allows you to set it and simply leave it without worrying that you'll accidentally press a button that you didn't mean to.

Lastly, I have 2 of the 40mm Grenade Holsters from Deadly Customs, in black. The 40mm Grenade Holsters from DC are a super simple Kydex carrying system that has been designed specifically for airsoft impacts that is compatible with any MOLLE system. Although there’s really not a great deal to talk about in terms of features as they are a super simple bit of kit – just moulded thermoplastic with an attachment system, this simply means there’s less to go wrong. One of the main selling points of Kydex carriers is that they are really lightweight so are perfect for low drag loadouts.

They can be attached to a plate carrier or belt with either a malice clip or combat loop (which are compatible with any MOLLE system) that you select at the point of ordering. For all of my 40mm grenade holsters from DC I have opted for the malice clip (out of habit mostly). I like the malice clips because they’re easy to attach/detach when needs be and they’re also secure. Although you can attach them to any MOLLE system, I prefer to have mine on my belt set-up. The holsters allow them to be within easy reach so the deployment of them is smooth when needs be. They’re also easy to reindex.
The 40mm grenade holster from Deadly Customs fits all of the following: all versions of the Tectonic Innovations Quake Grenades, the Tectonic Innovations Neutron, TRMR, Alphatec Grenades, Pulse Armament B1 Grenades, EG WP40 Smoke Grenades, TAG Rounds and the Oshiboom Grenades (however as the Oshibooms are a little smaller than the other 40mm grenades on this list Deadly Customs recommends a few wraps of tape around the grenade to make it fit more securely). Read my full review here.

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