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Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m back with another review on a product from my sponsors at PTS Syndicate! I’ve been using this particular product on various AEGs for the last 6 months so I feel like I’ve given them a good enough run to give a thorough review so, without further delay we’re going to look at the Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS)!

The EPBUIS are made from PTS EP series Dupont™ Zytel Reinforced Polymer meaning they are a lightweight and durable piece of furniture for any rifle set-up. They’ve been designed to be low-profile so that they don’t obstruct optics when retracted, feature aggressively textured surfaces on both sides of the sights to aid users in slip-free, positive manipulation even in adverse conditions that may affect grip such as cold and wet weather. They are also easily manipulated even whilst wearing gloves.

The rear sight has a small and large sliding aperture that can be switched for either close-range, fast, sight picture acquisition shooting or long-distance precision shooting. The dual apertures also feature a ribbed texture on the back and an over-moulded ledge on the front for easier manipulation and increased surface contact on the aperture plate allowing the user to control the product from either side. The windage adjustments can be found on the rear sight and the elevation adjustments can be found on the front sight.

Are they easy to install and use? The back sight was really easy to install onto my AEG - just unscrew the screw, slide on and tighten the screw. The front sight, however, needed a little more elbow grease - it was almost as if the front sight wasn’t quite wide enough to fit a 20mm rail so it needed a bit of convincing. A squirt of WD40 and a few hard taps got it into place. The aperture/windage and elevation are easy to adjust and the action of the sight flipping up is snappy and positive. Aesthetically, I think they look great as part of a rifle build. They also don't get in the way of my various optics when they're retracted which is a big positive!

They've lasted the last 6 months of games, being taken off and put on different rifles well and have only a few minor scratches and bumps to them so the durability is there, and this hasn't affected the texturing on the side of the product! They're also lightweight and don't weigh the builds down too much!

The Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sights retail for $44.95 from the PTS website, but if you’re in the UK they can be found at your local PTS dealer! Check with your local store!

Photography thanks to Stacey Deanne Photography
Post made possible thanks to our patrons: James Smith & Oskar Engström.

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